Todo List: x264 and ffmpeg

2013-02-07 - Ionuț Mircea Bîru

This todo list is for both soname bumps since most of them can be done in the same time

usr/lib/ | usr/lib/

usr/lib/ | usr/lib/
usr/lib/ | usr/lib/

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Extra amarok Complete andrea
x86_64 Extra audacious-plugins 4.0.4-1 foutrelis Complete bisson
x86_64 Extra avidemux-cli 2.7.4-5 anthraxx Complete eric
x86_64 Community blender svenstaro, FFY00 Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community cantata arojas Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Extra chromaprint 1.5.0-1 bisson Complete bisson
x86_64 Community cinelerra-cv dvzrv Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community electricsheep Complete eric
x86_64 Extra ffmpeg 2:4.2.3-2 alucryd Complete ibiru
x86_64 Community ffmpeg2theora 0.30-6 jlichtblau Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community ffmpeg-compat Complete spupykin
x86_64 Extra ffmpegthumbnailer 2.2.2-2 ronald Complete ibiru
x86_64 Community freerdp 2:2.1.2-1 spupykin, dvzrv Complete spupykin
x86_64 Extra gst-plugins-ugly 1.16.2-3 heftig Complete ibiru
x86_64 Extra gstreamer0.10-ugly-plugins Complete ibiru
x86_64 Community guvcview 2.0.6-4 bgyorgy Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Extra k3b 1:20.04.2-1 arojas Complete eric
x86_64 Extra kdemultimedia-ffmpegthumbs Complete andrea
x86_64 Community kid3 3.8.3-1 jlichtblau Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community libquicktime 1.2.4-22 dvzrv Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Extra mediastreamer arojas Complete eric
x86_64 Extra mencoder 38157-2 anthraxx Complete ibiru
x86_64 Community minidlna 1.2.1-4 spupykin Complete spupykin
x86_64 Extra miro Complete ibiru
x86_64 Community mlt arojas Complete spupykin
x86_64 Extra moc 1:2.5.2-3 felixonmars Complete eric
x86_64 Community motion felixonmars Complete spupykin
x86_64 Extra mpd 0.21.24-1 bisson Complete bisson
x86_64 Extra mplayer 38157-2 anthraxx Complete ibiru
x86_64 Community mplayer2 Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community mplayer-vaapi Complete foutrelis
x86_64 Community mythtv Complete jelle
x86_64 Extra nepomuk-core Complete andrea
x86_64 Extra opal jgc Complete ibiru
x86_64 Extra opencv 4.3.0-7 arojas Complete ibiru
x86_64 Community openscenegraph 3.6.5-1 anthraxx Complete spupykin
x86_64 Community performous 1.1-24 lcarlier Complete ibiru
x86_64 Community qmmp 1.4.0-1 jlichtblau Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Extra sox dvzrv Complete eric
x86_64 Extra vlc 3.0.11-1 3.0.11-2 anthraxx Complete ibiru
x86_64 Community vtk 8.2.0-13 arcanis, Archange Complete ibiru
x86_64 Extra xine-lib 1.2.10-4 Complete eric