Todo List: Use HTTPS instead of HTTP in URLs

2019-08-05 - Filipe Laíns

The packages listed contain URLs using HTTP when HTTPS is available. Please update them to use HTTPS.

It is possible that some of the flagged URLs are false positives, please check them before making any changes!

There's no need to release a new revision of the package, simply commit the changes to trunk.

You can find a list of the target URLs here[1]. It contains the maintainer(s) as well as the faulty URLs for each package, so please check it to make sure you got everything.

Thank you!


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456 packages displayed out of 456 total packages.
Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Community 0ad a23.1-4 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community 0ad-data a23.1-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc 9.2.0-1 anatolik, eschwartz Complete FFY00
x86_64 Community adns 1.5.1-3 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra aiksaurus 1.2.1-6 ronald Incomplete
x86_64 Community alembic 1.7.11-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra alsa-oss 1.1.8-1 tpowa, anatolik Incomplete
x86_64 Community apcupsd 3.14.14-4 bluewind Incomplete
x86_64 Extra apr-util 1.6.1-5 jgc, anatolik Incomplete
any Extra archlinux-menus 2.5-4 jgc Incomplete
x86_64 Community armagetronad kkeen Incomplete
x86_64 Community arm-none-eabi-gcc 9.2.0-1 anatolik Incomplete
x86_64 Extra arptables 0.0.4-5 seblu Incomplete
x86_64 Community aspell-pt 20161001-1 jlichtblau Incomplete
x86_64 Community assaultcube svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community audaspace 1.3.0-3 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community avr-binutils 2.32-1 schuay, anatolik Incomplete
x86_64 Community avr-gdb 8.3-1 anatolik Incomplete
x86_64 Community bam 0.5.1-1 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community bass 1.2-12 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community bbswitch 0.8-245 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community beets 1.4.9-1 alucryd Incomplete
x86_64 Community benzene 20130630-1 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community bfgminer 5.5.0-3 shibumi Incomplete
any Community binwalk 2.1.1-5 anthraxx, FFY00 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra black-hole-solver 1.4.0-1 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community blender 17:2.80-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community blobby2 1.0-3 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community blobwars 2.00-3 lcarlier Incomplete
x86_64 Community boinctui 2.5.0-1 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community box2d 2.3.1-4 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Core bridge-utils 1.6-3 eworm Complete eworm
x86_64 Extra brltty 6.0-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra bullet 2.88-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community bumblebee 3.2.1-20 lcarlier, svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community cairo-dock-plug-ins 3.4.1-13 alucryd Incomplete
x86_64 Community caph 1.1-5 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community cclive 0.9.3-19 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community cddb_get 2.28-5 Incomplete
x86_64 Community cgdb 0.7.1-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community chntpw 140201-3 lfleischer Incomplete
x86_64 Community chuck arodseth Complete arodseth
x86_64 Community classpath 0.99-4 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra claws-mail 3.17.4-1 andyrtr Incomplete
x86_64 Extra clucene andyrtr Incomplete
x86_64 Extra conntrack-tools 1.4.5-1 seblu Incomplete
any Community cpanminus 1.7044-3 bluewind Incomplete
x86_64 Community csfml 2.5-2 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra cups-pdf 3.0.1-4 andyrtr Incomplete
x86_64 Community cvc4 1.6-2 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community dbmail 3.2.3-11 spupykin Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib dev86 0.16.21-3 eworm Complete eworm
x86_64 Community devil 1.8.0-3 lcarlier Incomplete
x86_64 Community dfc 3.1.1-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra dleyna-core 0.6.0-2 jgc Incomplete
x86_64 Community dnstracer 1.9-6 bisson Complete bisson
any Extra docbook-mathml 1.1CR1-5 andyrtr Incomplete
any Extra docbook-sgml 4.5-6 andyrtr, felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra docbook-sgml31 3.1-3 andyrtr Incomplete
x86_64 Community dtc 1.5.0-1 anatolik Incomplete
x86_64 Community dtools 2.087.1-1 wild, FFY00 Incomplete
x86_64 Community e-antic 0.1.3-1 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community echoping 6.0.2-8 bluewind Incomplete
x86_64 Community edbrowse 3.7.4-2 Alad Complete Alad
x86_64 Community elfkickers 3.1-3 arodseth Complete arodseth
any Community emovix 0.9.0-7 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community emscripten 1.38.41-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community erlang-nox 22.0.7-1 arodseth Incomplete
x86_64 Community evolution-rss 0.3.95-7 bgyorgy Incomplete
x86_64 Extra exiv2 0.27.2-1 anthraxx Incomplete
x86_64 Community fcitx5 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community fcitx5-chinese-addons felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community fpc 3.0.4-6 spupykin, idevolder Incomplete
x86_64 Community freeciv 2.6.0-3 anthraxx Incomplete
x86_64 Community freedroid 1.0.2-10 kkeen Incomplete
x86_64 Community freerdp 1:2.0.0_rc4-7 spupykin, dvzrv Complete dvzrv
x86_64 Extra freetds 1.00.100-1 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community freeverb3 3.2.1-3 dvzrv Complete dvzrv
any Community frogatto-data 1.3.1-3 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra galera 26.4.2-2 eworm Complete eworm
x86_64 Core gcc 9.1.0-2 bpiotrowski Complete FFY00
x86_64 Community gcolor2 0.4-8 bluewind Incomplete
x86_64 Community gcompris-qt 0.96-1 foutrelis Complete foutrelis
x86_64 Extra gconf-editor 3.0.1-5 jgc Incomplete
x86_64 Community gdc 8.2.1+2.068.2-2 FFY00 Complete FFY00
x86_64 Community gerbv 2.7.0-1 kkeen Incomplete
x86_64 Community gimp-plugin-fblur 3.2.6-5 stativ Incomplete
x86_64 Community gimp-plugin-wavelet-denoise 0.3.1-4 stativ Incomplete
any Extra git-review 1.28.0-1 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community glbinding 3.1.0-3 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra glew 2.1.0-1 andyrtr Incomplete
x86_64 Extra glibmm 2.60.0-1 jgc Incomplete
any Community glm svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community gmp-ecm 7.0.4-2 bisson Complete bisson
x86_64 Extra gnome-search-tool 3.6.0-4 heftig Incomplete
any Community gnucash-docs 3.5-1 bgyorgy Incomplete
x86_64 Community gnunet 0.11.6-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Community gource 0.49-3 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community groovy-docs 2.5.0-1 cesura Incomplete
any Community gscan2pdf 2.5.5-1 muflone Complete muflone
x86_64 Extra guile2.0 2.0.14-3 jgc Incomplete
any Community gunicorn 19.9.0-1 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra gutenprint 5.3.1-2 andyrtr Incomplete
any Community gwakeonlan 0.6.3-1 muflone Complete muflone
x86_64 Community haskell-blaze-markup felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community haskell-data-accessor-transformers felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra hddtemp 0.3.beta15.53-1 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra hyphen 2.8.8-2 andyrtr Incomplete
any Extra hyphen-de 20060120-4 andyrtr Incomplete
any Extra hyphen-nl 20050617-4 ronald Incomplete
x86_64 Extra imap 2007f-9 pierre Incomplete
any Community jake 8.1.1-1 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community jitterentropy 2.1.2-1 mtorromeo Complete mtorromeo
any Community jupyter 4.1.0-7 kkeen Incomplete
any Community jython 2.7.1-2 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community kcov 36-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra kdevelop-pg-qt 2.2.0-1 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community keepalived 2.0.18-1 seblu Incomplete
any Community keepass 2.42.1-1 grazzolini Incomplete
x86_64 Extra kipi-plugins 19.07.90-1 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Extra konversation 1.7.5-1 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community kpmcore 4.0.0-3 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community krusader 2.7.1-1 stativ Incomplete
x86_64 Community kubectl 1.15.1-2 shibumi Incomplete
any Extra latex2html 2019-1 ronald Incomplete
x86_64 Community lcalc 1.23-18 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Multilib lib32-alsa-oss 1.1.8-1 lcarlier, felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-db 5.3.28-4 alucryd Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-libevent 2.1.11-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-libnl 3.4.0-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-libpcap 1.9.0-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-libusb 1.0.22-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-libvpx 1.8.1-1 felixonmars, alucryd Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-mpg123 1.25.11-1 svenstaro, felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-nvidia-390xx-utils 390.116-2 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-rest 0.8.1-1 alucryd Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib lib32-slang 2.3.2-1 alucryd Incomplete
x86_64 Community libbraiding 1.0-3 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Core libedit 20190324_3.1-1 bisson Complete bisson
x86_64 Community libesmtp 1.0.6-6 lfleischer Incomplete
x86_64 Community libewf 20140608-5 jlichtblau Incomplete
x86_64 Community libfakekey 0.3-1 lfleischer Incomplete
x86_64 Community libfreexl 1.0.5-1 jlichtblau Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libgadu 1.12.2-8 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libgda 5.2.9-1 jgc, heftig Incomplete
x86_64 Community liblxqt 0.14.1-1 jleclanche, yan12125 Incomplete
x86_64 Community libmaa 1.3.2-3 spupykin Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libmilter 8.15.2-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libmpd 11.8.17-4 eworm Complete eworm
x86_64 Extra libmythes 1:1.2.4-3 andyrtr Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libnfnetlink 1.0.1-3 seblu Incomplete
x86_64 Community libnl1 1.1.4-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Community libosmosdr 0.1.r10.gba4fd96-1 FFY00 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libplist 2.0.0+11+gec9ba8b-2 jgc Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libreoffice-still 6.2.6-1 andyrtr Complete andyrtr
x86_64 Extra librevenge 0.0.4-2 andyrtr Incomplete
x86_64 Community librtmp0 2.4-4 alucryd Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libsidplay 1.36.59-9 jgc Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libsoxr 0.1.3-1 alucryd Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libstdc++5 3.3.6-6 jgc Incomplete
x86_64 Core libtirpc 1.1.4-1 andyrtr Incomplete
x86_64 Community liburcu 0.11.0-1 spupykin Incomplete
x86_64 Community libvirt-python 5.3.0-1 shibumi Incomplete
x86_64 Extra libwps 0.4.10-1 andyrtr Incomplete
x86_64 Community libzen 0.4.37-2 demize Incomplete
x86_64 Community linbox 1.6.3-1 arojas Complete arojas
any Core linux-api-headers 5.1-1 bpiotrowski Incomplete
x86_64 Community liquid-dsp 1.3.2-1 FFY00 Incomplete
any Community logwatch 7.5.2-1 spupykin Incomplete
x86_64 Community love 11.2-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra lpsolve andyrtr Incomplete
any Community lsb-release 1.4-15 svenstaro Incomplete
any Extra m17n-db 1.8.0-2 Incomplete
x86_64 Extra m17n-lib 1.8.0-5 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community mailman 2.1.29-1 seblu Incomplete
x86_64 Community mate-control-center 1.22.1-1 cesura Incomplete
x86_64 Community mate-session-manager 1.22.1-1 cesura Incomplete
any Community mate-user-guide 1.22.2-1 cesura Incomplete
x86_64 Community mate-user-share 1.22.1-1 cesura Incomplete
any Community mill 0.5.0-1 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community mldonkey 3.1.6-2 anatolik Incomplete
x86_64 Extra mono anthraxx, grazzolini Incomplete
x86_64 Community mysql++ 3.2.5-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community mysql-workbench 8.0.17-1 eworm Complete eworm
any Extra mythes-en 20060306-4 andyrtr Incomplete
any Extra mythes-fr 2.3-3 guillaume Incomplete
x86_64 Community naev 0.7.0-2 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community ndiswrapper 1.61-7 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community nsjail 2.8-2 Archange Complete Archange
x86_64 Community numlockx 1.2-4 jlichtblau, lfleischer Incomplete
x86_64 Extra nvidia-390xx-lts 1:390.116-14 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra nvidia-lts 1:430.40-3 svenstaro, felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community ogre 1.12.1-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community opencolorio 1.1.1-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community openimageio 2.0.10-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra openjade 1.3.2-5 andyrtr Incomplete
x86_64 Extra openjpeg 1.5.2-2 jgc, andyrtr Incomplete
x86_64 Community openmw 0.45.0-1 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community openra 20190314-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community opensubdiv 3.4.0-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community osmo 0.4.2-3 jlichtblau Incomplete
any Core pambase 20190105.1-1 dreisner Incomplete
any Community pari-galdata 20080411-2 arojas Complete arojas
any Community pari-seadata-small 20090618-2 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community parole 1.0.2-2 bgyorgy Incomplete
x86_64 Core pcre 8.43-1 seblu Incomplete
x86_64 Community pdal 1.9.1-2 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community percona-server 8.0.15_6-1 mtorromeo Complete mtorromeo
any Extra perl-anyevent 4:7.16-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-app-borgrestore 3.3.0-2 bluewind Incomplete
any Community perl-archive-extract 0.80-5 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-async-interrupt 1.25-3 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-b-hooks-endofscope 0.24-2 spupykin Incomplete
any Community perlbrew 0.86-2 spupykin Incomplete
any Extra perl-business-isbn-data 20140910.003-5 remy Complete remy
any Community perl-cgi-fast 2.15-2 bluewind Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-clone 0.41-3 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra perl-config-autoconf 0.317-2 remy Complete remy
any Extra perl-cpan-meta 2.150010-7 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-cpan-perl-releases 3.16-5 spupykin Incomplete
any Community perl-cpanplus 0.9178-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-cpanplus-dist-arch 1.32-5 bluewind Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-crypt-openssl-bignum 0.09-3 bluewind Incomplete
any Extra perl-crypt-openssl-guess 0.11-3 bluewind Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-crypt-openssl-random 0.15-4 bluewind Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-crypt-openssl-rsa 0.31-3 bluewind Incomplete
any Community perl-data-dump 1.23-5 spupykin Incomplete
x86_64 Community perl-data-messagepack 1.00-4 bluewind Incomplete
any Community perl-data-optlist 0.110-5 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-data-section 0.200007-3 bluewind Incomplete
any Community perl-data-validate-ip 0.27-3 demize Incomplete
any Extra perl-date-manip 6.77-1 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-date-simple 3.03-7 remy Complete remy
any Community perl-datetime-calendar-julian 0.04-5 remy Complete remy
any Community perl-devel-checkbin 0.04-5 bluewind Incomplete
any Community perl-devel-stacktrace 2.03-3 jlichtblau Incomplete
any Community perl-dir-self 0.11-5 bluewind Incomplete
any Community perl-dist-checkconflicts 0.11-5 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra perl-error 0.17027-2 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-ev 4.27-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-exception-class 1.44-3 jlichtblau Incomplete
any Extra perl-extutils-libbuilder 0.08-5 remy Complete remy
any Community perl-file-path-tiny 0.9-3 spupykin Incomplete
any Community perl-file-pushd 1.016-2 spupykin Incomplete
any Extra perl-file-slurper 0.012-2 remy Complete remy
any Community perl-file-tail 1.3-5 bluewind Incomplete
x86_64 Community perl-function-parameters 2.001003-3 bluewind Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-guard 1.023-9 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra perl-image-exiftool 11.50-1 bluewind Incomplete
any Extra perl-inc-latest 0.500-5 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-io-bufferedselect 1.0-8 bluewind Incomplete
x86_64 Community perl-lchown 1.01-11 spupykin Incomplete
any Extra perl-lingua-translit 0.28-3 remy Complete remy
any Community perl-log-any 1.707-2 bluewind Incomplete
any Community perl-log-any-adapter-log4perl 0.09-2 bluewind Incomplete
any Community perl-log-any-adapter-tap 0.003003-2 bluewind Incomplete
any Extra perl-log-log4perl 1.49-5 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-log-message 0.08-5 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-log-message-simple 0.10-5 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra perl-lwp-mediatypes 6.02-6 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra perl-lwp-protocol-https 6.07-3 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra perl-mail-authenticationresults 1.20180923-2 bluewind Incomplete
any Extra perl-mail-dkim 0.55-2 bluewind Incomplete
any Extra perl-mailtools 2.21-2 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra perl-mime-charset 1.012.2-5 remy Complete remy
any Extra perl-mime-lite 3.030-5 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-module-pluggable 5.2-5 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-moox-types-mooselike 0.29-5 spupykin Incomplete
any Extra perl-mozilla-ca 20180117-3 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra perl-mp3-info 1.26-3 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-namespace-autoclean 0.28-5 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-netaddr-ip 4.079-8 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra perl-net-cidr-lite 0.21-7 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra perl-net-dns 1.20-3 felixonmars Incomplete
any Extra perl-net-dns-resolver-mock 1.20171219-3 bluewind Incomplete
any Community perl-net-openssh 0.78-2 bluewind Incomplete
any Extra perl-net-server 2.009-4 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-number-bytes-human 0.11-3 bluewind Incomplete
any Extra perl-number-compare 0.03-8 remy Complete remy
any Community perl-object-accessor 0.48-5 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-package-deprecationmanager 0.17-5 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-parallel-forkmanager 2.02-1 foutrelis Complete foutrelis
x86_64 Community perl-params-util 1.07-11 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-path-tiny 0.108-2 bluewind Incomplete
any Community perl-pegex 0.70-2 spupykin Incomplete
any Extra perl-perl4-corelibs 0.004-4 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-perlio-utf8-strict 0.007-4 remy Complete remy
any Community perl-poe-component-resolver 0.921-5 spupykin Incomplete
x86_64 Community perl-scalar-list-utils 1.50-4 spupykin Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-socket6 0.29-3 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-software-license 0.103014-2 bluewind Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-sort-key 1.33-7 remy Complete remy
any Community perl-statistics-descriptive 3.0702-2 bluewind Incomplete
any Community perl-sub-exporter 0.987-5 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-sub-install 0.928-5 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-template-toolkit 2.29-3 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-term-ui 0.46-5 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-test-failwarnings 0.008-3 bluewind Incomplete
any Community perl-test-fatal 0.014-5 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-test-file 1.443-3 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-test-inter 1.09-2 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-test-number-delta 1.06-4 spupykin Incomplete
any Community perl-test-spec 0.54-3 spupykin Incomplete
any Community perl-test-trap 0.3.4-2 spupykin Incomplete
x86_64 Extra perl-text-bibtex 0.85-4 remy Complete remy
any Extra perl-text-roman 3.5-5 remy Complete remy
x86_64 Community perl-text-soundex 3.05-7 spupykin Incomplete
any Community perl-throwable 0.200013-5 spupykin Incomplete
any Extra perl-tie-cycle 1.225-3 remy Complete remy
any Extra perl-timedate 2.30-6 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-version-compare 0.14-3 bluewind Incomplete
any Extra perl-www-robotrules 6.02-6 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-xml-libxml-prettyprint 0.006-4 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community perl-xml-libxml-simple 0.99-3 remy Complete remy
x86_64 Community plantri 5.0-2 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community poco 1.9.2-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community podofo 0.9.6-2 jelle Complete jelle
x86_64 Community polipo 1.1.1-3 jelle Complete jelle
any Community ponysay 3.0.3-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community premake 4.3-5 svenstaro Incomplete
any Extra pulseaudio-alsa 2-4 heftig Incomplete
any Community pysolfc-cardsets 2.0-5 jlichtblau Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python 3.7.4-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community python2-ordereddict 1.1-2 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community python2-pykka 2.0.0-1 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community python2-sphinx 1.8.5-2 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community python2-tornado 5.1.1-2 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community python-antlr4 4.7.2-1 zorun Incomplete
any Community python-bottle 0.12.17-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community python-doit 0.31.1-2 dvzrv Complete dvzrv
any Community python-hyperframe 5.2.0-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community python-itsdangerous 1.1.0-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra python-openbabel 2.4.1-5 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community python-ovirt-engine-sdk 4.3.0-2 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community python-pycryptodomex 3.8.2-1 demize Incomplete
any Extra python-pylint 2.3.1-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community python-pytest 5.0.1-1 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community python-rtree 0.8.3-2 felixonmars Incomplete
any Community python-venusian 1.2.0-2 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community python-yaml 5.1.1-1 lfleischer, anthraxx Incomplete
x86_64 Extra qalculate-gtk 3.3.0-1 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community qd 2.3.22-2 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community qmmp 1.3.3-2 jlichtblau Incomplete
x86_64 Community qpid-proton 0.28.0-2 tensor5 Complete tensor5
x86_64 Extra qscintilla-qt5 2.11.2-1 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community qstardict 1.3-1 jlichtblau Incomplete
x86_64 Community racket 7.4-1 kkeen Incomplete
x86_64 Community rankwidth 0.8-1 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community rawtherapee 1:5.6-1 stativ Incomplete
x86_64 Community rdiff-backup 1.2.8-8 lfleischer Incomplete
x86_64 Community ring-kde 3.0.0-2 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community riscv64-linux-gnu-gcc 9.2.0-1 felixonmars Complete FFY00
x86_64 Community rocksndiamonds spupykin Incomplete
any Community rtirq 20190129-1 dvzrv Complete dvzrv
x86_64 Community rtl-sdr 1:0.6.0-1 kkeen Incomplete
x86_64 Community rtorrent 0.9.8-1 jlichtblau, bisson Complete bisson
x86_64 Community ruby2.5 2.5.5-2 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community ruby2.5-bundler 1.17.1-1 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community ruby-mini_mime 1.0.1-1 anatolik Incomplete
x86_64 Community ruby-rdiscount anatolik Incomplete
x86_64 Community ruby-sqlite3 1.4.1-1 anthraxx Incomplete
any Community s3cmd 2.0.2-2 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community sage-data-combinatorial_designs 20140630-3 arojas Complete arojas
any Community sage-data-conway_polynomials 0.5-3 arojas Complete arojas
any Community sage-data-elliptic_curves 0.8.1-1 arojas Complete arojas
any Community sage-data-graphs 20161026-2 arojas Complete arojas
any Community sage-data-polytopes_db 20170220-1 arojas Complete arojas
any Community scala 2.13.0-1 arcanis Incomplete
any Community scrapy 1.6.0-1 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community scummvm-tools 2.0.0-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl2_gfx 1:1.0.4-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl2_image 2.0.5-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl2_mixer 2.0.4-3 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl2_net 1:2.0.1-2 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl2_ttf 2.0.15-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra sdl_gfx 2.0.26-3 heftig Incomplete
x86_64 Community shapelib 1.5.0-2 jlichtblau Incomplete
x86_64 Community shellcheck 0.7.0-7 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community shhmsg 1.4.2-3 jsteel Complete jsteel
x86_64 Community shhopt 1.1.7-4 jsteel Complete jsteel
any Community sigal 2.0-1 dvzrv Complete dvzrv
x86_64 Community simplescreenrecorder 0.3.11-1 kkeen Incomplete
x86_64 Community slimevolley 2.4.2-4 jlichtblau Incomplete
x86_64 Extra snarf 7.0-7 Incomplete
x86_64 Community soil 1.16-4 idevolder Incomplete
any Community soundconverter 3.0.2-1 schuay Incomplete
any Community spambayes 1.1a6-6 demize Incomplete
any Community speakup-utils 3.1.6-5 dvzrv Complete dvzrv
x86_64 Extra speech-dispatcher 0.9.1-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community spring 104.0-5 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community springlobby 0.267-3 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib steam anthraxx Incomplete
x86_64 Community steghide 0.5.1-9 lfleischer Incomplete
x86_64 Extra stellarium 0.19.1-1 ronald Incomplete
x86_64 Community strawberry 0.6.3-1 arojas Complete arojas
any Community swaks 20181104.0-1 bluewind Incomplete
x86_64 Community swi-prolog 8.0.3-1 arodseth Incomplete
x86_64 Community tabbed 0.6-3 lfleischer Incomplete
any Community tamsyn-font 1.11-3 kkeen Incomplete
x86_64 Community taskd 1.1.0-3 shibumi Incomplete
x86_64 Extra tcpdump 4.9.2-1 bisson Complete bisson
x86_64 Community teamspeak3 3.3.0-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra telepathy-glib 0.24.1-2 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Extra texlive-bin 2019.51075-2 remy Complete remy
x86_64 Community texmaker 5.0.3-1 arojas Complete arojas
x86_64 Community tiled 1.2.4-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community timidity++ 2.15.0-2 felixonmars, dvzrv Complete dvzrv
x86_64 Community tmate 2.3.0-2 eworm Complete eworm
any Community ttf-hanazono 20170904-3 felixonmars, farseerfc Complete farseerfc
any Community ttf-sazanami 20040629-10 shibumi Incomplete
x86_64 Community ttyload 0.5.3-2 kkeen Incomplete
x86_64 Community tuxcards 2.2.1-7 jlichtblau Incomplete
any Community ubuntu-keyring 2018.09.18.1-1 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community unarj 2.63a-5 anthraxx Incomplete
x86_64 Extra usbmuxd 1.1.0+48+g1cc8b34-3 grazzolini Incomplete
x86_64 Community usbredir 0.8.0-1 anatolik Incomplete
x86_64 Community uwsgi 2.0.18-3 svenstaro, felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community verilator 4.016-1 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community vifm 0.10.1-1 jlichtblau Complete jlichtblau
any Community vim-a 2.18-9 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community vim-colorsamplerpack 2012.10.28-5 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community vim-doxygentoolkit 0.2.13-4 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community vim-guicolorscheme 1.2-5 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community vim-minibufexpl 6.5.2-2 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community vim-omnicppcomplete 0.4.1-9 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community vim-project 1.4.1-9 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community vim-taglist 46-4 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community vim-vcscommand 1.99.47-3 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community vim-workspace 1.0b1-9 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community virt-viewer 8.0-1 shibumi Incomplete
x86_64 Community vym 2.7.1-2 jlichtblau Incomplete
x86_64 Community wesnoth 1.14.7-1 svenstaro Incomplete
any Community wgetpaste 2.28-2 jlichtblau Incomplete
x86_64 Community widelands 20-1 lcarlier, svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Multilib wine-staging 4.13-1 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Extra wipe 2.3.1-4 anthraxx Incomplete
x86_64 Community wmname 0.1-4 anthraxx Incomplete
x86_64 Extra x11-ssh-askpass bisson Complete bisson
x86_64 Community x42-plugins 20190714-2 dvzrv Complete dvzrv
x86_64 Community xautolock 2.2-5 bluewind Incomplete
x86_64 Community xbindkeys 1.8.6-3 bluewind Incomplete
any Community xcursor-comix 0.9.0-2 eworm Complete eworm
any Community xdm-archlinux 0.7-1 spupykin Incomplete
any Extra xerces2-java 2.12.0-1 guillaume Incomplete
x86_64 Extra xf86-input-synaptics 1.9.1-1 jgc, andyrtr Incomplete
x86_64 Community xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin 2.3.3-1 cesura Incomplete
x86_64 Community xloadimage 4.1-14 spupykin Incomplete
any Community xonotic-data 0.8.2-2 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Extra xorg-server 1.20.5-2 jgc, andyrtr, lcarlier Incomplete
x86_64 Community xplanet 1.3.1-3 felixonmars Incomplete
x86_64 Community xssstate 1.1-3 lfleischer Incomplete
x86_64 Community xtrabackup 8.0.7-1 mtorromeo Complete mtorromeo
x86_64 Community xwax 1.7-1 lfleischer Incomplete
any Community yarn 1.17.3-1 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community zaz 1.0.0-8 svenstaro Incomplete
x86_64 Community zssh 1.5c-11 felixonmars Incomplete