Todo List: Update of bash completions location

2012-03-21 - Eric Bélanger

With bash-completion 1.99-1 in [extra], the completions were moved from /etc/bash_completion.d/ to /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/.

However, bash-completion 1.99-1 is backward compatible so that completions in /etc/bash_completion.d/ will still work. It might still be a good idea to move the completions in the new location as we update/fix packages. If the backward compatibility is removed in a future release, then all the work will be already done.

*Note*: with the new location, completions are dynamically loaded, so the filename in that directory needs to match the command name. If the completion file works for multiple commands, you will need to symlink each command name to the original file for the dynamic loading to work.

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Community boinc fyan Complete dan
x86_64 Community boinc-nox fyan Complete dan
x86_64 Extra bzr 2.7.0-2 alucryd Complete
x86_64 Extra cabal-install fyan Complete
x86_64 Community calibre 3.28.0-1 jelle, eschwartz Complete
x86_64 Community cdemu-client heftig Complete
x86_64 Extra dconf 0.28.0-1 jgc, heftig Complete
any Extra devtools 20180531-1 pierre Complete
any Extra django dan, angvp, jelle Complete
any Community dkms seblu Complete
x86_64 Community drbd Complete
x86_64 Community gammu 1.39.0-1 jlichtblau Complete
x86_64 Extra git 2.18.0-1 dan, eworm Complete
x86_64 Core glib2 2.56.1-1 jgc Complete
x86_64 Community gmic 2.3.3-1 arojas Complete
x86_64 Community go bpiotrowski Complete
any Community griffith Complete
x86_64 Extra grub2-common Complete dan
x86_64 Extra gvfs 1.36.2-3 jgc, heftig Complete
any Core initscripts Complete
x86_64 Community ldc 1:1.10.0-1 wild Complete
x86_64 Community liboggz 1.1.1-5 dvzrv Complete
x86_64 Extra libreoffice-common Complete
x86_64 Extra mercurial 4.6.2-1 bpiotrowski Complete
any Core mkinitcpio 24-2 dreisner Complete
x86_64 Extra mpc 0.30-1 bisson Complete
any Core netcfg Complete
x86_64 Community packagekit eworm Complete
x86_64 Core pacman 5.1.0-2 dan, dreisner, bpiotrowski Complete
any Community python2-pygments 2.2.0-1 2.2.0-2 foutrelis Complete
any Community quilt 0.65-1 zorun Complete
any Community rubber 1.4-2 spupykin Complete
x86_64 Community schroot 1.6.10-19 spupykin Complete
x86_64 Extra source-highlight 3.1.8-16 jelle Complete
x86_64 Extra subversion 1.10.0-3 angvp, fyan Complete
x86_64 Extra systemd dreisner, eworm Complete dan
x86_64 Community task 2.5.1-1 lfleischer Complete
x86_64 Community tig 2.3.3-1 lfleischer Complete
x86_64 Community tmux 2.7-1 eworm Complete
x86_64 Extra udisks Complete
x86_64 Community zathura 0.4.0-4 demize Complete