Todo List: twisted->python2-twisted rename

2014-08-02 - Felix Yan

The twisted package was renamed to python2-twisted as a Python 3 counterpart was added.

Please update your PKGBUILD and change the dependency name to "python2-twisted". Also, if twisted was the only reason not to ship the package with Python 3, you might check "python-twisted" and give it a try.

The rebuild is not in a hurry and can be postponed (same as the lzo2->lzo one), and no [staging] needed as well.

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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x86_64 Extra avahi 0.7+16+g1cc2b8e-2 heftig Complete bisson
any Community buildbot Complete spupykin
any Community buildbot-slave Complete spupykin
any Extra deluge 1.3.15+14+gb8e5ebe82-1 heftig Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community flumotion Complete spupykin
any Community freevo Complete bpiotrowski
any Community ipython2 5.8.0-1 kkeen Complete kkeen
any Extra kdegames-kajongg Complete andrea
x86_64 Community mayavi aginiewicz Complete aginiewicz
any Community pyaimt Complete spupykin
any Community pyicqt Complete spupykin
any Community pymsnt Complete spupykin
any Community python2-bottle 0.12.13-2 fyan Complete fyan
any Community python2-foolscap 0.13.1-1 fyan Complete arodseth
any Community python2-pytest 3.8.2-1 fyan Complete fyan
any Community python-bottle 0.12.13-2 fyan Complete fyan
any Community python-pytest 3.8.2-1 fyan Complete fyan