Todo List: Several python2 packages renaming

2012-10-15 - Eric Bélanger

The following packages:


have been renamed to python2-...

Therefore, the packages that relies on them needs to have their {make,opt}depends adjusted. Before rebuilding, make sure that your packages doesn't {make,opt}depends on other python2 packages that haven't been renamed yet (see python 3.3 todo). The rebuilt packages should go in staging or community-staging.

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
any Community anki demize Complete
any Community billreminder 0.4.0-7 jlichtblau Complete
x86_64 Community blueman bgyorgy Complete
any Community buildbot Complete
x86_64 Extra bzr 2.7.0-2 alucryd Complete
x86_64 Community calibre 3.28.0-1 jelle, eschwartz Complete
any Extra deluge 1.3.15+14+gb8e5ebe82-1 heftig Complete
x86_64 Community duplicity 0.7.17-1 lfleischer Complete
any Community emesene Complete
x86_64 Community gcompris Complete
any Community gcompris-data Complete
any Community gourmet 0.17.4-6 bgyorgy Complete
any Community griffith Complete
x86_64 Community guake bgyorgy Complete
x86_64 Community gwibber Complete
x86_64 Extra hplip 3.18.6-1 andyrtr Complete
any Community ibamtray Complete
any Community ipython2 kkeen Complete
any Community lastfmsubmitd Complete
x86_64 Extra miro Complete
x86_64 Community neatx Complete
any Community ocrfeeder 0.8.1-3 bgyorgy Complete
any Community pychess 0.99.1-2 arodseth Complete
any Extra quodlibet-plugins eric Complete
any Community turpial Complete
x86_64 Extra twisted fyan Complete
x86_64 Community ubuntuone-client Complete
any Community udiskie 1.7.5-1 ambrevar, Foxboron Complete
x86_64 Community uniconvertor Complete
any Extra wicd 1.7.4-2 Complete