Todo List: Python 3.3.0 rebuild

2012-09-29 - Stéphane Gaudreault

Python 3.3.0 is in [staging]

- Rename packages that use only python2 to python2-foo

- Naming :

python2-foo for python2
python-foo for python3

- Use versioned shebang :
instead of
#!/usr/bin/python or #!/usr/bin/env python

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114 packages displayed out of 114 total packages.
Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
any Community autojump 22.5.1-1 jlichtblau Complete
x86_64 Community avr-gdb 8.1-1 anatolik Complete
x86_64 Community blender svenstaro Complete
any Community boost-build Complete
x86_64 Community clinica Complete
any Community cxxtest 4.4-4 arodseth Complete
x86_64 Community cython 0.28.1-1 arojas Complete
x86_64 Community dee svenstaro Complete
any Community dex 0.8.0-1 demize Complete
any Community gaupol 1.3.1-2 foutrelis Complete
x86_64 Community gigi Complete
any Community gourmet 0.17.4-6 bgyorgy Complete
any Community griffith Complete
any Community ipcheck 20140422-1 spupykin Complete
any Community ipython 6.2.1-2 kkeen Complete
any Community jmc 0.3rc3-1 spupykin Complete
x86_64 Extra kdebindings-python Complete
x86_64 Community kleansweep Complete
x86_64 Extra konversation 1.7.4-1 tomegun, arojas Complete
x86_64 Community ktoblzcheck 1.49-1 jlichtblau Complete
x86_64 Community luxrender 1.6-11 stativ Complete
any Extra namcap 3.2.7-2 remy Complete
any Community ocrfeeder 0.8.1-3 bgyorgy Complete
x86_64 Community onboard 1.4.1-2 bgyorgy Complete
any Community pacgraph 20110629-3 kkeen Complete
any Community phpmyadmin 4.7.9-1 spupykin Complete
any Community pkgtools Complete
any Community ponysay 3.0.3-1 svenstaro Complete
any Community pssh Complete
x86_64 Extra pyalpm 0.8.2-2 remy, jelle Complete
any Community pydf 12-1 bluewind Complete
any Extra pylint angvp, fyan Complete
x86_64 Extra pyqt-common Complete
x86_64 Extra python 3.6.4-2 angvp, fyan Complete
any Community python2-rst2pdf 0.93-9 arodseth Complete
any Extra python-beaker 1.8.1-2 fyan Complete
any Community python-beautifulsoup4 4.6.0-1 fyan Complete
x86_64 Community python-bsddb 6.2.5-2 bgyorgy Complete
x86_64 Extra python-cairo 1.16.3-1 jgc Complete
any Extra python-chardet 3.0.4-1 fyan Complete
any Community python-cherrypy foxxx0 Complete
x86_64 Extra python-crypto 2.6.1-5 jgc Complete
any Community python-cssutils 1.0.2-1 jelle, eschwartz Complete
any Community python-dateutil 2.7.0-1 jelle, eschwartz Complete
x86_64 Extra python-dbus 1.2.6-1 jgc Complete
x86_64 Extra python-dbus-common 1.2.6-1 jgc Complete
any Community python-decorator 4.2.1-1 jelle Complete
any Extra python-distribute Complete
any Community python-distutils-extra 2.39-2 jelle Complete
any Community python-dnspython 1.15.0-2 jelle, eschwartz Complete
any Community python-docs 3.6.4-1 Foxboron Complete
any Community python-docutils 0.14-1 fyan Complete
any Extra python-feedparser 5.2.1-2 eric Complete
x86_64 Extra python-gobject 3.26.1-1 jgc Complete
x86_64 Extra python-gobject2 2.28.7-1 heftig Complete
any Extra python-httplib2 Complete
any Extra python-isodate kkeen Complete
any Community python-jinja 2.10-1 foutrelis Complete
x86_64 Extra python-lxml 4.1.1-1 angvp, fyan Complete
x86_64 Extra python-m2crypto Complete
any Extra python-mako 1.0.7-1 fyan Complete
any Community python-markdown 2.6.11-1 kkeen Complete
x86_64 Extra python-markupsafe 1.0-1 fyan Complete
x86_64 Community python-mpi4py Archange Complete
any Extra python-nose 1.3.7-3 dan, fyan Complete
any Extra python-nose-doc 1.3.7-3 dan, fyan Complete
x86_64 Extra python-numpy 1.14.2-1 jgc, fyan Complete
x86_64 Community python-openbabel Complete
any Extra python-pip 9.0.1-3 dan, fyan Complete
any Community python-progressbar 3.36.1-1 NicoHood Complete
x86_64 Community python-psutil 5.4.3-1 jelle Complete
x86_64 Community python-psycopg2 2.7.4-1 Foxboron Complete
any Extra python-pyasn1 0.4.2-1 eric, fyan Complete
any Extra python-pyelftools 0.24-2 remy, anthraxx Complete
any Community python-pyenchant 2.0.0-2 jelle Complete
any Community python-pygments 2.2.0-1 foutrelis Complete
any Community python-pyinotify 0.9.6-3 jelle Complete
x86_64 Community python-pymongo 3.6.1-1 fyan Complete
x86_64 Community python-pyopencl 1:2017.2-2 jelle Complete
any Community python-pyparsing arodseth, fyan Complete
x86_64 Community python-pyproj jlichtblau Complete
any Community python-pyserial 3.4-1 Foxboron Complete
any Community python-pytools 2018.3-1 fyan Complete
any Community python-pytz 2018.3-1 jelle Complete
x86_64 Community python-pyxattr 0.6.0-1 lfleischer Complete
x86_64 Community python-pyxmpp Complete
x86_64 Community python-pyzmq 16.0.3-1 kkeen Complete
x86_64 Extra python-qscintilla fyan Complete
x86_64 Extra python-qscintilla-common fyan Complete
x86_64 Community python-scipy 1.0.0-1 jelle Complete
any Extra python-sgmllib 5.2.1-2 eric Complete
x86_64 Extra python-sip 4.19.8-1 fyan Complete
any Community python-six jelle, fyan Complete
any Community python-sphinx 1.7.2-1 demize Complete
x86_64 Community python-sqlalchemy 1.2.5-1 angvp, jelle, fyan Complete
any Community python-stevedore 1.28.0-1 foutrelis Complete
any Community python-tornado fyan Complete
x86_64 Extra python-urwid 2.0.1-1 anthraxx Complete
x86_64 Community python-virtkey Complete
any Extra python-virtualenv 15.1.0-3 dan, fyan Complete
any Community python-virtualenv-clone 0.3.0-1 foutrelis Complete
any Extra python-xdg 0.25-4 lfleischer Complete
any Community python-xlib Foxboron Complete
x86_64 Community python-yaml 3.12-3 lfleischer, anthraxx Complete
any Extra python-zope-interface Complete
any Community ranger 1.9.1-1 schuay Complete
x86_64 Community sdcc Complete
any Community setconf arodseth Complete
x86_64 Community tix Complete
x86_64 Community uniconvertor Complete
x86_64 Extra vde2 2.3.2-10 tpowa Complete
any Community vim-ultisnips 3.1-3 lfleischer Complete
any Community waf Complete
x86_64 Community znc 1.6.6-1 seblu Complete