Todo List: Python 3.2 rebuild

2011-02-20 - Stéphane Gaudreault

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
any Community bpython 0.17.1-1 kkeen Complete
any Community ipcheck 20140422-2 spupykin Complete
any Community jmc 0.3rc3-1 spupykin Complete
x86_64 Community kleansweep Complete
x86_64 Community ktoblzcheck 1.49-1 1.49-2 jlichtblau Complete
x86_64 Community medit 1.2.0-5 bgyorgy Complete
any Community phpmyadmin 4.8.2-1 spupykin Complete
x86_64 Extra pyopenssl fyan Complete
x86_64 Extra python 3.6.6-1 3.7.0-3 angvp, fyan Complete
x86_64 Extra python2 2.7.15-2 angvp, fyan Complete
x86_64 Community python-bsddb 6.2.5-2 6.2.6-1 bgyorgy Complete
x86_64 Extra python-cairo 1.17.0-1 1.17.0-2 jgc Complete
any Extra python-chardet 3.0.4-1 3.0.4-2 fyan Complete
any Extra python-distribute Complete
any Extra python-nose 1.3.7-3 1.3.7-4 dan, fyan Complete
x86_64 Community python-openbabel 2.4.1-5 Complete
any Community python-pyenchant 2.0.0-2 2.0.0-3 jelle Complete
any Community python-pygments 2.2.0-1 2.2.0-2 foutrelis Complete
any Community python-pyparsing 2.2.0-2 fyan Complete
x86_64 Extra python-qscintilla fyan Complete
any Community python-sphinx 1.7.6-1 1.7.6-2 demize Complete
any Community ranger 1.9.1-1 1.9.1-2 schuay Complete
x86_64 Community sdcc Complete
x86_64 Community tix Complete
any Community varch Complete