Todo List: MariaDB migration

2013-03-03 - Bartłomiej Piotrowski

Please rebuild (and test!) your packages against MariaDB:
* mysql → mariadb
* libmysqlclient → libmariadbclient
* mysql-clients → mariadb-clients

Goes to [staging]/[community-staging].
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48 packages displayed out of 48 total packages.
Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Extra akonadi fyan, arojas Complete andrea
x86_64 Extra amarok Complete andrea
any Community cacti 1.1.38-1 dvzrv Complete spupykin
x86_64 Community collectd 5.8.0-11 bisson Complete bisson
x86_64 Extra cyrus-sasl 2.1.26-12 jgc Complete andrea
x86_64 Extra cyrus-sasl-sql 2.1.26-12 jgc Complete andrea
x86_64 Extra dovecot demize, foxxx0 Complete andyrtr
x86_64 Community dspam Complete spupykin
x86_64 Community freeradius 3.0.17-6 eworm Complete spupykin
x86_64 Community fssos-nsvs Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community gambas2-gb-db-mysql Complete lcarlier
x86_64 Community gambas3-gb-db-mysql 3.11.4-1 lcarlier Complete lcarlier
x86_64 Community gammu 1.39.0-2 jlichtblau Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community gdal 2.3.2-1 jlichtblau Complete andrea
x86_64 Extra gnokii bgyorgy Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community gsql 0.2.2-13 FFY00 Complete spupykin
x86_64 Community krecipes Complete lcarlier
x86_64 Community libdbi-drivers 0.9.0-6 Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Extra libgda 5.2.4+39+g3f70d4fce-2 jgc, heftig Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Core libsasl 2.1.26-13 jgc Complete andrea
x86_64 Community libzdb 3.1-1 spupykin Complete spupykin
x86_64 Extra lighttpd 1.4.51-1 pierre Complete pierre
x86_64 Community lua-sql-mysql Complete spupykin
x86_64 Community myodbc Complete spupykin
x86_64 Extra mysql Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community mysql++ 3.2.4-1 svenstaro Complete spupykin
x86_64 Extra mysql-python 1.2.5-2 fyan Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community mythtv Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community opensips 2.4.1-1 spupykin Complete spupykin
x86_64 Community pam_mysql Complete svenstaro
x86_64 Community pdns Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community percona-server 5.7.23_23-2 mtorromeo Complete mtorromeo
x86_64 Extra perl-dbd-mysql 4.048-1 fyan Complete bpiotrowski
any Community phpmyadmin 4.8.3-1 spupykin Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Extra postfix 3.3.1-2 bisson Complete bisson
x86_64 Community proftpd Complete bpiotrowski
any Community pyrss Complete spupykin
x86_64 Community qlandkartegt Complete andrea
x86_64 Extra qt3 Complete eric
x86_64 Extra qt4 4.8.7-25 fyan, arojas Complete andrea
x86_64 Extra qt5-base 5.11.2-1 Complete andrea
x86_64 Extra redland 1:1.0.17-4 Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Extra redland-storage-mysql 1:1.0.17-4 Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community rsyslog Complete spupykin
x86_64 Community stardict 3.0.6-6 fyan Complete fyan
x86_64 Community ulogd seblu Complete spupykin
x86_64 Community vtk 8.1.1-2 arcanis, Archange Complete aginiewicz
x86_64 Community xbmc Complete spupykin