Todo List: libsasl/cyrus-sasl 2.1.26 rebuild

2013-05-10 - Bartłomiej Piotrowski

Due to probably pointless soname change in libsasl and cyrus-sasl, some packages require rebuild. You shouldn't encounter anything strange, maybe a few warnings.

Please push rebuilt packages to [staging]/[community-staging].

Link to lists of pkgbase values:

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23 packages displayed out of 23 total packages.
Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Community autofs 5.1.3-1 lfleischer Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Extra claws-mail 3.16.0-3 andyrtr Complete andyrtr
x86_64 Extra ekiga 4.0.1-28 jgc Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra gtk-vnc 0.7.1-1 jgc Complete tomegun
x86_64 Community inn 2.6.1-6 spupykin Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Extra kdepim-kmail Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra kdepimlibs Complete andrea
x86_64 Extra libetpan 1.8-1 andyrtr Complete andyrtr
x86_64 Core libldap 2.4.45-4 jgc Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community libmemcached 1.0.18-2 foutrelis Complete foutrelis
x86_64 Extra libpurple 2.13.0-1 foutrelis Complete foutrelis
x86_64 Core libsasl 2.1.26-12 jgc Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Community libvirt 4.0.0-1 shibumi Complete foutrelis
x86_64 Extra mutt 1.9.4-1 bisson Complete bisson
x86_64 Core openldap 2.4.45-4 jgc Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Extra php-ldap pierre Complete pierre
x86_64 Extra postfix 3.3.0-1 bisson Complete bisson
x86_64 Extra ptlib 2.10.11-7 jgc Complete bpiotrowski
x86_64 Extra qemu 2.11.1-2 tpowa, anatolik Complete tomegun
x86_64 Extra smbclient 4.7.6-1 tpowa Complete tomegun
x86_64 Community squid 3.5.27-2 spupykin Complete foutrelis
x86_64 Extra subversion 1.9.7-4 angvp, fyan Complete tomegun
x86_64 Community znc 1.6.6-1 seblu Complete seblu