Todo List: libnl 3.2

2012-02-09 - Jan Steffens

libnl 3.2.7-1 and libnl1 1.1-1 are now in [staging].

Try to build your packages against libnl 3.2, applying patches if necessary. When this is impossible, build against libnl1 and adjust the dependency.

Also see , but that page is old.

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Extra bluez 5.50-3 andyrtr Complete
x86_64 Core crda 4.14-1 tpowa Complete
x86_64 Community hostapd 2.6-7 spupykin Complete
x86_64 Community ipvsadm 1.29-1 seblu Complete
x86_64 Core iw 4.14-1 bpiotrowski, eworm Complete
x86_64 Community keepalived 2.0.2-1 seblu Complete
x86_64 Extra kismet 2016_07_R1-1 juergen Complete
x86_64 Community knemo 0.7.7.git20151003-3 lcarlier Complete
x86_64 Core libnl 3.4.0-1 bpiotrowski Complete
x86_64 Core libpcap 1.8.1-2 bpiotrowski Complete
x86_64 Community libvirt 4.5.0-1 shibumi Complete
x86_64 Community netcf 0.2.8-4 Complete
x86_64 Extra net-snmp 5.7.3-8 fyan Complete
x86_64 Extra networkmanager 1.12.0-1 jgc, heftig Complete
x86_64 Community quagga seblu Complete
x86_64 Community simh 3.9.0-3 spupykin Complete
x86_64 Core wpa_supplicant 1:2.6-11 bpiotrowski Complete