Todo List: Apache 2.4 rebuild

2014-02-27 - Anatol Pomozov

It is time to upgrade Apache package to 2.4 branch. It brings a number of API changes that make out packaging easier (e.g. pluggable MPM modules). And new software is always cool.

Apache 2.4.7 is in staging now, please rebuild/retest your packages. Let me know if you have any serious issues with it.

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Arch Repository Name Current Version Staging Version Maintainers Status Last Touched By
x86_64 Extra apache 2.4.43-1 jgc, anatolik Complete anatolik
x86_64 Extra mod_dnssd 0.6-7 jgc Complete anatolik
x86_64 Extra mod_fastcgi Complete anatolik
x86_64 Extra mod_fcgid 2.3.9-4 jgc Complete anatolik
x86_64 Extra mod_mono Complete anatolik
x86_64 Extra mod_perl Complete anatolik
x86_64 Community mod_wsgi 4.6.8-1 Complete anatolik
x86_64 Community mod_wsgi2 Complete anatolik
x86_64 Community passenger 6.0.4-2 mtorromeo Complete spupykin
x86_64 Extra php 7.4.4-1 pierre Complete pierre
x86_64 Extra php-apache 7.4.4-1 pierre Complete pierre
x86_64 Extra subversion 1.13.0-2 felixonmars Complete pierre