Package Todo Lists

Todo lists are used by the developers when a rebuild of a set of packages is needed. This is common when a library has a version bump, during a toolchain rebuild, or a general cleanup of packages in the repositories. The progress can be tracked here, and completed todo lists can be browsed as well.

Name Creation Date Creator Description Package Count Incomplete Count Status
openmpi 3.0.0 2017-12-20 Levente Polyak openmpi 3.0.0 rebuild, packages go to staging 13 0 Complete
Switch to systemd-sysusers 2017-12-15 Bruno Pagani We are fully embracing the use of systemd-sysusers to create system users and groups required by packages. The filesystem package has been switched to this, now is the turn of every other package having not yet switched. You mostly need to provide an accurate sysusers.d file (see and have you package install it under /usr/lib/sysusers.d/<pkgname>.conf. You can also (thanks @heftig) do a one liner (in most cases) from the install() function like this (replacing <sysusers.d content> with the actual content): echo '<sysusers.d content>' | install -Dm644 /dev/stdin "$pkgdir"/usr/lib/sysusers.d/$pkgname.conf You can see several examples in the unbound, couchdb or stubby packages. Once done, you might even be able to remove the .install file (we have hook to run systemd-sysusers). Don’t hesitate to ask me if you’re unsure. ;) Some cases might be tricky. Generated on with: grep --files-with-matches useradd /srv/svntogit/repos/*/*/trunk/* grep --files-with-matches groupadd /srv/svntogit/repos/*/*/trunk/* There might be false detections, just mark as done then. P.S.: I initially started by opening issues for some packages while providing the correct sysusers file, so if your package is concerned just look at your assigned issues. 87 0 Complete
cryptsetup 2.0.0 2017-12-11 Christian Hesse This is a major upgrade with soname bump. 5 0 Complete
protobuf 3.5.0 2017-12-10 Lukas Fleischer Please rebuild affected packages and move them to [staging]/[community-staging]. 21 0 Complete
x265 2.6 rebuild 2017-12-08 Maxime Gauduin | The usual, I'll handle the few affected packages. 7 0 Complete
Qt 5.10 rebuild 2017-12-07 Antonio Rojas The usual rebuilds. Packages go to staging. 22 0 Complete
PHP 7.2 Rebuild 2017-12-03 Pierre Schmitz WIP; you may ignore this for now 8 0 Complete
ImageMagick upgrade and split 2017-12-03 Jan Alexander Steffens This is a TODO for [staging]/[community-staging]. ImageMagick has been split into libmagick and imagemagick. If your package depends on the libraries only, change the dependency to libmagick. If your package doesn't build against libmagick 7, change the dependency to libmagick6 and add (before configure): export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/lib/imagemagick6/pkgconfig" If your package requires the executables, (make)depend on imagemagick. imagemagick 7 can be installed together with libmagick6. Please only depend on imagemagick6 if you absolutely can't avoid it. As of now, this rebuild list is limited to packages discovered via sogrep. 19 0 Complete
Qt 5.9.3 2017-11-22 Antonio Rojas The usual rebuilds 12 0 Complete
cmake 3.10 rebuild 2017-11-22 Felix Yan Packages used to put file in /usr/share/cmake-3.9 need to be rebuilt to put them in the new place. 5 0 Complete
Enchant and libical soname bump 2017-11-22 Jan de Groot Enchant and libical dropped some deprecated functions and soname was bumped. Some packages still use these deprecated functions, they will need patches. BLFS has already migrated to enchant 2.x and libical 3.x, their build manuals contain simple sed-instructions. Please generate patches instead. Some help for patching packages that BLFS doesn't have patches for: 39 0 Complete
libconfig 1.7.1 rebuild 2017-11-19 Antonio Rojas Packages go to [community-staging] 7 0 Complete
jsoncpp 1.8.3 soname bump 2017-11-18 Levente Polyak As always, please rebuild and put into staging 6 0 Complete
granite 0.5 2017-11-02 Maxime Gauduin usr/lib/ | usr/lib/ usr/lib/ | usr/lib/ 8 0 Complete
libva 2.0.0 2017-10-29 Maxime Gauduin | < | < | | | Please push to staging and cie. 25 0 Complete
NetCDF 2017-10-27 Bruno Pagani /usr/lib/ → /usr/lib/ All packages go in [community-staging]. 7 0 Complete
Packages with out of repositories dependencies 2017-10-26 Giancarlo Razzolini These packages either list AUR packages as optional dependencies, or non-existent optional dependencies. The optional deps should be moved to the appropriate repository, either [community] or [extra], alongside the main package. We should not list AUR packages as optional dependencies. 85 0 Complete
Packages signed by Daniel Isenmann 2017-10-17 Antonio Rojas These packages need to be rebuilt with a valid key before removing Daniel's key from archlinux-keyring. 17 0 Complete
protobuf 3.4.0 2017-10-15 Lukas Fleischer Please rebuild affected packages and move them to [staging]/[community-staging]. 21 0 Complete
xerces-c 3.2.0 rebuild 2017-10-15 Lukas Fleischer Please rebuild affected packages and move them to [staging]/[community-staging]. 6 0 Complete
go-pie rebuild 2017-10-12 Bartłomiej Piotrowski The extra/go-pie package provides Go compiler with PIE build mode enabled by default. Please replace go in the makedepends inside your PKGBUILDs and rebuild your packages. Push them straight to [extra]/[community]. 54 0 Complete
Qt 5.9.2 2017-10-07 Antonio Rojas The usual rebuilds. Packages go to staging 11 0 Complete
libsodium 1.0.15 rebuild 2017-10-06 Felix Yan -> Packages go to [*staging]. 17 0 Complete
qrencode 4.0.0 rebuild 2017-09-24 Florian Pritz Rebuild and push to staging 10 0 Complete
boost 1.65.1 2017-09-10 Bartłomiej Piotrowski Usual SONAME bump. Packages to to [staging]. 92 0 Complete
LLVM 5.0 2017-09-08 Evangelos Foutras -> -> 25 0 Complete
Replace lesstif with openmotif 2017-08-31 Antonio Rojas lesstif has been dead for years, it's buggy (FS#55449, FS#47569) and even upstream discourages using it [1]. Rebuild your packages against openmotif instead so we can drop it from the repos. Packages can go straight to stable (or testing). [1] 10 0 Complete
opencv 3.3 2017-08-19 Antonio Rojas Packages go to [staging] 8 0 Complete
GHC 8.2.1 2017-08-17 Felix Yan Most packages have been automatically rebuilt. Here is a list of those failed to build, please consider to fix them or drop (temporarily). 6 0 Complete
cmake 3.9 rebuild 2017-08-14 Felix Yan Packages used to put file in /usr/share/cmake-3.8 need to be rebuilt to put them in the new place. 5 0 Complete retirement 2017-07-16 Jelle van der Waa source urls are no longer working. Update them for your packages. This todolist might include url= containing, which should be updated as well. Script used to find these urls: grep -lr "" | awk -F "/" '{print $1}' | uniq 68 0 Complete
imagemagick rebuild 2017-07-15 Antonio Rojas -> 8 -> 5 -> 5 Packages go to [staging] 18 0 Complete
exiv2 0.26 rebuild 2017-07-14 Antonio Rojas -> 26 Packages go to [staging] 26 0 Complete
hardening-wrapper removal 2017-07-10 Bartłomiej Piotrowski With recent changes in toolchain, it is feasible to replace hardening-wrapper with simple rebuild against testing (with testing/devtools installed). The major differences are lack of -fstack-check (which is not enough to prevent stack clashes without full distro rebuild) and no enforcement of full RELRO if LDFLAGS are ignored. Remove hardening-wrapper from makedepends and run checksec on both old and rebuild packages to see if there is any regression. If yes, it means that build system should be patched to reflect out LDFLAGS instead; otherwise push packages to stable repositories and mark them as done. 11 0 Complete
PIE static libraries rebuild 2017-07-10 Bartłomiej Piotrowski Toolchain in [core] enforces position-independent executables. Non-PIE static libraries have to be rebuild, otherwise dependent packages will fail to build. If anything on the list seems bogus, ping me on IRC and remove from the todo. Packages can be pushed straight to [extra]/[community], as long as you remember to build them with up to date devtools and toolchain. 198 0 Complete
NTL 10.5 rebuild 2017-07-07 Antonio Rojas -> 35 8 0 Complete
libgit 0.26.0 2017-07-07 Lukas Fleischer Please rebuild affected packages and move them to [staging]/[community-staging]. 10 0 Complete
libgit 0.26 [deferred] 2017-07-07 Lukas Fleischer Please rebuild affected packages and move them to [staging]/[community-staging]. 0 0 Complete
Clean qt5-tools dependency 2017-06-25 Balló György Most packages require qt5-tools only to build, except if they use QtHelp. Please verify your package and move qt5-tools to makedepends if needed. If your package really depends on qt5-tools, just mark it as completed. 8 0 Complete
Gna! retirement 2017-06-25 Balló György was retired recently, so any url and source should be changed in order to use the "new" upstream url. Unlucky it's not so easy to find the new url for any package, since there was no a complete migration to another hoster. More information: 13 0 Complete
NTL 10.4 rebuild 2017-06-19 Antonio Rojas -> 34 8 0 Complete
gsl 2.4 rebuild 2017-06-19 Antonio Rojas -> 23 0 Complete
hdf5 1.10.1 2017-06-17 Bruno Pagani /usr/lib/ -> /usr/lib/ Packages go to [staging]. 16 0 Complete
libconfig 1.6 rebuild 2017-06-14 Antonio Rojas -> 8 packages go to [staging] 8 0 Complete
OpenMPI 2.x version bump 2017-06-09 Anatol Pomozov OpenMPI 2.x has been released a while ago. It is time for us to make the package update. Please rebuild the packages and upload it to [staging]. 16 0 Complete
libevent 2.1 2017-06-09 Bartłomiej Piotrowski libevent{,_core,_extra,_openssl,_pthreads} -> Packages go to [staging]. 32 0 Complete
Qt 5.9 rebuild 2017-05-31 Antonio Rojas The usual batch of rebuilds. Packages go to staging 13 0 Complete
boost 1.64.0 2017-05-17 Bartłomiej Piotrowski Packages go to staging. 93 0 Complete
OpenSSL 1.0 - take 3 2017-05-17 Jan de Groot We need to re-version OpenSSL library symbols to stay compatible with Debian Stable and non-free software. FS#53836 This one breaks ABI with openssl-1.0-3, so build order can be important here. 30 0 Complete
protobuf 3.3.0 2017-05-06 Lukas Fleischer Please rebuild affected packages and move them to [staging]/[community-staging]. 21 0 Complete