Arch Linux Newsletter

Oct 29, 2006
Jason Chu
Jason "CanyonKnight"


Welcome to the Arch Linux Newsletter. This document attempts to give you an "at a glance" look at the world of Arch Linux.

Table Of Contents

  1. Front Page News
  2. Devland
  3. Forum Highlights
  4. Mailing List Highlights
  5. Package Highlights
  6. FAQ
  7. ArchStats
  8. Seti@home
  9. folding@home
  10. Bugs
  11. Closing

Front Page News


  1. Aaron has been working on pacman3 a lot. He hopes to push out a release soon. If you're interested in helping test the next generation of the pacman package manager, contact him at
  2. We were contacted by Versiera who tested their infrastructure management software on Arch. It sounds like they had no trouble getting it going. If you're interested in trying it out go to, register for free, and download their core package.
  3. Since Dibble stepped down as forum admin, we've been looking for another one. Feel free to pass your suggestions on to Judd.
  4. Eugenia (everyone's favourite osnews editor) would rather have gnucash maintained by developer nominated maintainers than by trusted user/developer nominated maintainers. She says she doesn't trust the latter to package a financial app written by other developers. What does everyone else think?

Forum Highlights

  1. T-u-N-i-X was looking for examples of .conkyrc files with screenshots to create his own.
  2. Revived discussion on the future of phpbb 3.0 with regards to Arch Linux.
  3. codemac posted a warning about updating to the latest version of ion3.

Mailing List Highlights

  1. Firefox and how it decides the preferred application when opening a file.
  2. Attempt to solve a problem when starting openbox.
  3. Request for feedback about enhanced nfs option support.

Package Highlights


Q: What is the difference between all the different repositories?

A: The [current] repository is the location of the packages available off of the install CD. The [extra] repository is the collection of packages that are outside of the install CD but maintained by the Arch Linux Developers. When a package is to be tested before release to [extra] or [current] it is placed in [testing]. [unstable] is the collection of packages considered to be unstable by the developers, but popular enough to be packaged for distribution. Finally the [community] repository is the location of packages that are in the AUR and have been adopted by a Trusted User who has packaged them for download.

More information here.

Q: Why aren't all packages in UNSUPPORTED added to COMMUNITY?

A: There are several reasons for that. The most important is that the package hasn't got many votes. It's also important that you vote for packages that already are in COMMUNITY, otherwise they could be disowned by the TUs and moved to UNSUPPORTED. Other reasons could be that the package is unmaintained upstream or has a licensing problem. Last but not least, no TU wants to do it.


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That's it for this time folks. If you have any opinions on the newsletter or have some things you wanna add, just send us a mail and we'll look into it.
Very best regards / Team Arch