Arch Linux Newsletter

October 10, 2004
Jason Chu
Ben Mazer
Contributor: hyp0luxa


Welcome to the Arch Linux Newsletter. This document attempts to give you an "at a glance" look at the world of Arch Linux.

Table Of Contents

  1. Front Page News
  2. Dev Land
  3. ArchStats
  4. Seti Update
  5. Forum Highlights
  6. Mailing List Highlights
  7. Tur Update
  8. Package Highlights
  9. New Packages
  10. FAQ
  11. Bugs
    1. Closed Bugs
    2. Opened Bugs
  12. Closing

Front Page News

  1. kolourpaint now in kdegraphics
    KolourPaint, the paint program for KDE is now integrated in the kdegraphics package (kdegraphics 3.3.0). This made the pkg kolourpaint obsolete and therefore it was removed. If you want to use kolourpaint, you will find it in the kdegraphics package.
  2. quanta is now part of kdewebdev
    The package quanta is now part of the pkg kdewebdev. On the next pacman -Suy you will be asked to replace quanta by kdewebdev. You should say Y.

This Week in Devland

  1. Dusty updated his famous Devland article. Remember, all of the common questions about dev developments should be answered there.
  2. faad2 was moved to current and support for it will be in mplayer and xine.
  3. tpowa is has released multilingual openoffice packages. They're in testing right now, so you'd better test them if you care about openoffice.
  4. tpowa is also leading a motion to get .desktop files in all windowmanagers. That way kdm and gdm will list the ones you have installed.

Archstats Update

To Participate, visit:

Number of registered systems: 668
Date first system was registered: 20031017 [22:24:30]
Most recent update occurred: 20041010 [13:01:06]
Earliest recorded Arch release: Arch Linux 0.4 (Dragon)
Longest recorded uptime: 256 days, 9 hours, 22 minutes, 38 seconds.
Average uptime: 6 days, 6 hours, 4 minutes, 54 seconds.
Lowest kernel version: 2.4.21
Highest kernel version: 2.6.9-rc2-love4
Least packages installed on a system: 44
Average installed packages: 283
Most packages installed on a system: 1118

Seti@Home Update

To Participate, visit:

1) wojtek: 3.681 years
2) Galen 'godfree2' Thurber: 3.484 years
3) jakenull: 1.850 years
4) Pink Draco: 7116 hr 44 min
5) whatmomo: 4963 hr 38 min
6) DaDeXTeR: 7415 hr 12 min
7) TORIN Daniel: 1.085 years
8) cgill27: 1.286 years
9) khaos: 2.384 years
10) Nikolas: 1992 hr 56 min
11) Steady: 1183 hr 50 min
12) Atriqus: 513 hr 03 min
13) ds: 748 hr 37 min
14) Internet Boy: 305 hr 40 min
15) Anon.: 108 hr 12 min
16) CrAsH: 399 hr 16 min
17) Martin Anthony Ramirez: 135 hr 15 min
18) kizeren: 436 hr 10 min
19) Piotr Sadowski: 83 hr 36 min
20) Anon: 192 hr 17 min
21) iggyatwork: 18 hr 04 min
22) z28james: 26 hr 37 min
23) Anon: 20 hr 13 min
24) Kritoke: 0 hr 00 min

Forum Highlights

  1. Java 5 (1.5.0) is now in TESTING. Please provide feedback.
  2. Paranoos has explained how to solve the Thunderbird + J2RE problem. The easiest solution is to upgrade to J2RE 1.5.0.
  3. Phrakture has requested a Laptop section in the forum.
  4. DP has posted a new Arch wallpaper available at KDE-Look.

Mailing List Highlights

  1. Thanks to Toby for this: There is a problem with the arrow keys working in the latest Mozilla Firefox. There is a thread with the solution. It involves deleting a file in your profile.
  2. There is a discussion on the various ways to get transparency and shadows working in the latest Xorg package. It's pretty simple, and there are various flags you can try.

TUR Update

Plenty has been happening with the TURs. Many PKGBUILDs have been submitted and updated (thanks to everyone). Brice has gotten busy, and others have taken over his packages. Discussion about the management of TURs was raised again. Please give your opinions.

Package Highlights

  1. GNOME 2.8 is now in the repos. Read the Release Notes for all the details.

New Packages


Q: How do I start GNOME/KDE once it's installed?
A: Although this is in the Wiki FAQ, it is still asked a lot. You'll have to add an entry to your ~/.xinitrc. Read the Wiki Article for the full instructions.


Bugs Closed

1600 totem-gstreamer
1409 Kmplayer conflicts with kdelibs
1570 Clanlib needs recompile
1471 Gnome and KDM
1603 gnome-python missing modules
1579 CMUCL lacking /etc/profile.d entry
1550 giftd dependency missing - imagemagick
1602 idesk needs recompile with new glibc
1597 gdesklets fails to start due to missing gnome.ui module
1188 icewm doesn't work with nptl
1595 Postgresql init script minor issue
1594 Kernel 2.6 pkgbuild is wrong.
1574 no boot after updating
1587 Upgrading cups removes all my printer definitions
1584 ftp with nautilus is screwed up
1470 glibmm, gtkmm, libglademm... all *mm needs recompile
1583 librsvg throws an error during upgrade
1122 xaos: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file!!
1576 bittorrent installs to improper path
1555 Cannot add tasks/appointments/etcetera in evolution-2.0
1496 Pacman does not preserve its own config files
1566 convertdb.o can't find -lz with nonstd gcc
1552 pacman leaves temp dirs in /tmp
1562 [Patch] Pacman confict handling speed improvements
717 Evolution 1.4.6-2 can't find attachment icons
1213 Evolution should be compiled with LDAP support
1502 mozilla_five_home in firefox points to wrong path
1520 [Patch] Pacman 2.9 list handling performance very bad
1336 Enlightenment cand find gnome menus
1497 bash history not working properly
1559 librsvg
1557 Upgrading to gnome-common-2.4.0-6t2 breaks mimetypes
1528 Default gnome panel is empty (2.8)
1564 Chipset option in xorg.conf after installing NVIDIA pkg
1565 Chipset option in xorg.conf after installing NVIDIA pkg
1507 qmail-installer broken !!!
463 makewhatis creates /usr/local/man/whatis via crond
1525 SDL: libtool: link: cannot find the library `/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.4.1/../../../libstdc++
1551 pacman reports incorrect total package sizes
1370 hydrogen links to readline4
1158 unixodbc GUI - again
1544 Plans for more LSB and FHS compliance?
1547 Mono package broken
1403 add bdb support to mysql please
1118 links needs pkgconfig as a makedepend
1095 PHP UnixODBC support
1260 PHP is compiled without --with-mime-magic
1311 curl into php
1156 PHP5 without MySQLi
1313 .7 INstall Nano in base request
777 rc.sysinit patch: use depmod -A
1454 Coreutils uname does not report many CPU types
1455 Coreutils does not accept old syntax
1179 dhclient and dhclient-script
1297 Nautilus fails to display smb:/// locations
1125 MySQL: No host-name-resolving with NPTL-libc
1466 xorg dumps back to the terminal
1541 Enable Maildir format by default in exim
1056 Quanta needs PCRE ( as a dep
1410 mkvtoolnix links to - broken
1539 Please rebuild ddd against new gcc
1282 Amarok and GSTREAMER won't crossfade
1419 j doesn't start
1540 Amarok 1.1 requires kdebindings
1530 No file type handles specified in Gnome 2.8
1537 vpython broken dependency
1531 gst-plugins depends on xine-lib and xine-ui
1527 GPDF requires newer freetype2
1532 gnome volume manager doesn't fully work
1513 CVS seg.faults when CVS_RSH not set
472 autologin feature of kdm and gdm does not work
1463 KIO-FTP does not work
1133 Juk doesn't start
1519 kuickshow doesnt work:: empty window
1411 Makepkg would build with fakeroot
1518 USB Hardware detection problem
1521 pacman 2.9.1 trouble
888 Timestamp support for Pacman
1275 Pacman Segfault with groups
1515 Subversion compiled against old bdb
1509 rc.single still thinks devfsd is cool
1514 id3lib a bit broken
1202 samba please add symlink to cups backends
1511 Freetype install file error
1488 gdm: needs recompile against libcroco 0.6.0
1501 gtk2 upgrade 2.4.10-1 breaks GNOME 2.6
1498 "Start Here" empty after Gnome upgrade
1185 [ntpd]: add step-sync time when starting
1374 tftp-hpa fails to start from rc.d
1412 gtkspell note
1384 Patch to devel/cvs for passing args in CVS_RSH; important for certain fakeroot builds with makepkg
1476 xine.desktop to /usr/share/applications
1434 gaim crashes
1484 packages < 100kb are a 0.0mb download
1504 imagemagick 6.0.8-2 breaks dependencies
1340 ruby links to readline 4 - needs rebuild
1376 lmule links with old wxgtk
1464 mplayer is compiled without support for arts
1491 libcroco 0.6.0 and gtk2 problems
1480 socat broken with
1458 "dcd" dependency problem
1500 imagemagick 6.0.8-1 conflicts with libtool
1420 xorg won't build against nptl
1487 mplayer w/ missing dependencies
1499 libtool and imagemagick conflict files
1485 NPTL glibc with 2.4 kernel fallback support
1492 Pacman should not re-download the same db on pacman -Sy?
1486 xcompmgr and Gnome 2.8 issues
1490 libcroco 0.6.0 and gtk2 problems
1481 Xapps grown much more stable

Bugs Opened

1609 pacman -Qii == pacman -Qi
1608 iptables does not load filter rules after crash
1607 sharutils and and gmime conflicting files
1606 texmacs needs rebuild against r
1605 UDev URL Update
1604 pacman produces errors when the working directory does not exist
1601 A typo in pacman's manpage
1599 Licq creates user directory
1598 glibc header problem
1596 Kooka requires ocrad for OCR
1593 sound juicer segfaults on preferences
1592 IgnoreGroup
1591 libtrash notification
1590 xdm doesn't run . /etc/profile
1589 /etc/rc.d/xdm and /etc/rc.d/wdm
1588 makepkg templates/classes
1586 depmod is not run after installing wlan-ng26
1585 Thunderbird 0.8 shows no emails
1582 VIM not build with --enable-cscope option
1581 CdrDAO PKG does not install "contrib" scripts
1580 xmms-skins - unneccesary dependency
1578 get makepkg work under busybox
1577 0.7 Installer - modprobe tulip fails
1575 bittorrent installs to improper path
1573 Spamassassin is out of date
1572 [Patch] Pacman searching speed improvements
1571 metadata for informational messages
1569 openal PKGBUILD states missing openal.patch
1568 XMMS, lame ... optimized rebuilt + GOGO
1567 nautilus hangs when adding server
1563 KDE not starting after fresh install of 0.7 beta
1561 Add globbing/regex support to pacman --sync
1560 Version-specific deps override IgnorePkg
1558 Firefox Text Boxes - Cursor won't move
1556 DRI support on Intel chipsets broken
1554 Installation hangs while installing Grub if there is no floppy present
1553 pyqt and sip
1549 xmms should appear in the gnome menu
1548 (firefox|thunderbird) should appear in the gnome menu
1546 Mono package broken
1545 firefox package: options are not passed to firefox
1543 .install scripts and editing
1542 firefox won't change preferences
1538 nss-nspr misses nspr-config script
1536 cdrtools 2.01-1: cdrecord required to run as root with kernel
1535 please add 'awesfx'
1534 imagemagick 6.0.8-3 without libltdl
1533 firefox and evolution don't register (gnome 2.8)
1529 More user-friendly sound config + faqs
1526 LD Flag Added
1524 undefined symbols in
1517 USB Hardware detection problem
1516 Subversion compiled against old bdb
1512 mozilla-gtkmozembed.pc is not in the PKG_CONFIG_PATH No2
1510 Fresh 0.6 install with kde locks up linux box on logout
1508 lmule needs a rebuild against new wxgtk
1506 imagemagick-6.0.8-3 breaks amsn
1505 0.7 Wombat Deafult grub conf is wrong
1503 mozilla and firefox could provide gtkmozembed and nss
1495 idesk now broken !!
1494 beep-media-player (bmp) won't compile
1493 keyboard stops working after kde relogin
1489 xorg/xfree86 not optimized for i686
1483 problem
1482 gtk-sharp: possible recompile needed


If you have anything you'd like to be in the newsletter, feel free to email either Jason or myself. We don't always get all the interesting news.

That's it for this week, stay tuned for more exciting Arch Linux news.