Arch Linux Newsletter

July 04, 2004
Jason Chu
Ben Mazer


Welcome to the Arch Linux Newsletter. This document attempts to give you an "at a glance" look at the world of Arch Linux.

Table Of Contents

  1. Front Page News
  2. Dev Land
  3. ArchStats
  4. Forum Highlights
  5. Mailing List Highlights
  6. Tur Update
  7. Package Highlights
  8. New Packages
  9. FAQ
  10. Bugs
    1. Closed Bugs
    2. Opened Bugs
  11. Closing

Front Page News

  1. Posted by Judd:
    Hi all,

    When you next --sysupgrade, you'll get a "file conflict" warning about the su binary and its corresponding manpage. This is because Arch now uses the su binary from the coreutils package instead of the one from the shadow package, as it is more functional.

    You can safely force this upgrade by running pacman -Suf. When the upgrade is complete, make sure you still have a /bin/su binary before exiting your root shell. Just in case. ;)
  2. Posted by Judd:
    I've moved the NTPL-related packages from our Testing repository and stuck 'em in a special "NPTL" repository, which you can add to your pacman.conf like any other repo. If you want to use the NPTL glibc then I suggest you put this repo at the top of your list in pacman.conf.

    Server =

    Warning: You need a 2.6.x kernel to use this glibc!

    Eventually, I'd like to use this NPTL-enabled glibc as standard in Arch, but we're not ready to leave behind the 2.4.x users quite yet.

This Week in Devland

  1. Dale is working on an nss/nspr package for things like gaim and evolution.
  2. Jason has everything needed to do automated building of packages based on changes to a repository. This means that things like i586 will be a lot easier to keep up with.
  3. Jason is also working on a pacman patch to get rid of most file conflict errors that we encounter through regular usage.

Archstats Update

To Participate, visit:

Number of registered systems: 484
Date first system was registered: 20031017
Most recent update occurred: 20040704
Longest recorded uptime: 175 days, 22 hours, 51 minutes, 55 seconds.
Average uptime: 5 days, 4 hours, 4 minutes, 33 seconds.
Least packages installed on a system: 44
Average installed packages: 265
Most packages installed on a system: 733

Forum Highlights

Mailing List Highlights

Jason announced Namcap 1.5 and srcpac 0.2.1 this week. Both fix some important bugs, and everyone should upgrade.

TUR Update

Brice was busy this week. He moved all the MONO programs from his TUR into STAGING, so everyone should test them out. He also created a bootsplash set that allows you to run with a fully animated boot animation. These modify some base packages, so be careful.

Package Highlights

  1. Pacman 2.8 was released this week. From the changelog:
    - Bugfixes:
    - #861: file:/// urls not handled properly with XferCommand
    - #1003: set umask before scriptlet calls
    - #1027: download problems with http urls using -U/-A
    - #1044: segfaults when using -Rs
    - #863: "missing post_remove" errors with some packages
    - #875: detect low disk space properly
    - #986: makepkg -e doesn't validate files
    - #1010: add -j option to makepkg
    - #1028: make pacman -Sp runnable as non-root
    - added pre_install and pre_upgrade scriptlet support
    - added an "Architecture" field in the package meta-data
    - added patch from Aurelien Foret which improves performance adding or removing packages
    - added implementation of GNU's strverscmp function for better portability
    - added explicit unlink() calls when --force is used, which prevents those nasty "Text file busy" errors when you force-upgrade something like pacman or glibc.
  2. GNOME 2.6.2 was packaged this week. This is mainly a bug fix release. You can read all the changes at Footnotes.

New Packages


Q: Will Arch switch to the Xorg Xserver officially?

A: The current plan is that eventually XFree86 will move to EXTRA, and Xorg (x) will move into CURRENT. If license issues arise again, XFree86 may be moved out of the repositories completely.


Bugs Closed

1048. system/irda-utils feature request
1061. pacman 2.8-2t1 from ntpl repo doesn't download files.
1059. Srcpac 0.2-1 to 0.2.1-1 and srcpac.conf
313. "patch" packages
623. patch for multiple packages w/ makepkg
499. url="" must be a list
1057. makepkg won't resolve https urls
1028. pacman -Sp to be run as non-root
1010. add -j option to makepkg
986. makepkg -e doesn't validate files
875. eclipse - package corrupted
863. post_remove not found in most packages
1044. segmentation faults randomly appearing when running pacman -Rs
1027. pacman problems with http 1.1 packages
1003. Set umask before scriptlet calls
861. file:/// urls not handled properly with XferCommand
710. more post/pre install/remove actions possible?
1054. frozen-bubble install conflict with perllocal.pod
1047. extra/scheme48's /usr/bin/scheme48 broken
1043. apache-ant with JUnit
1025. sshd refuses to start on IPv6-capable systems.
566. replace /bin/su with file from coreutils
735. mozilla .install script bug
1041. Upgrade Mozilla to version 1.7
1055. url in vsftpd incorrect
936. gcc 3.4 breaks c++ compiles with templates, and other problems
1042. Freetype2 in testing crashes
1051. pcmcia-cs startup script contains invalid /sbin/pidof
1046. distcc doesn't properly read its config file
1050. Arch/multimedia/mplayer/PKGBUILD pkgdesc modification request
1049. Arch/multimedia/xine-lib/PKGBUILD pkgdesc modification request
983. gnome depends on samba and cups
1045. gnutls breaks some packages
1008. kino doesn't build with gcc 3.4
1036. gimp: 2.0.2-1 new config attempts to read from /usr/etc
921. gconf-editor-2.6.1-1 freezes
951. openoffice fonts
830. Gnome missing dep. libxklavier

Bugs Opened

1067. sane package hotplug now fixed and additional usb info added
1066. View CVS doesn't work with the NPTL repository
1065. gst-plugins: Missing osssink, alsasink, volume elements
1064. SCSI modules for IDE kernel + vice-versa
1063. `find` error messages in makepkg
1062. Missing package in tetex: listings
1060. Missing listings package
1058. Srcpac 0.2-1 to 0.2.1-1 and srcpac.conf
1056. Quanta needs PCRE ( as a dep
1053. gaim: no X usage idle time option
1052. libdivxdecore conflicts with divx4linux
1040. Add mysql support to qt


Please remember, if you have anything you'd like to be in the newsletter, feel free to email either Jason or myself. We don't always get all the interesting news.

That's it for this week, stay tuned for more exciting Arch Linux news.