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Arch Linux Weekly Newsletter

Jason Chu and Ben Mazer


Welcome to the Arch Linux Newsletter. This attempts to give you an ``at a glance'' look at the world of Arch Linux.


This Week in Dev Land

  1. Discussion was started about how the new license variable will be used. All of the devs are mostly in agreement, so things will be figured out shortly.
  2. dorphell went through and updated all PKGBUILDs that hadn't been updated to reflect new maintainers (when one maintainer orphans a package and another adopts it, the new maintainer has to change the Maintainer comment in the PKGBUILD) when they forgot to. Because of this, you probably noticed a lot of PKGBUILD updates when you ran abs.
  3. Many large updates have happened since the release of 0.6, even though it was only released 2 months ago! Most likely the next release (probably happening before May 10th) will be 0.7. No discussion has started surrounding a name...

ArchStats Updates

To participate, visit

Number of registered systems: 380
Date first system was registered: 20031017
Most recent update occurred: 20040425
Longest recorded uptime: 175 days, 22 hours, 51 minutes, 55 seconds.
Average uptime: 4 days, 4 hours, 3 minutes, 20 seconds.
Least packages installed on a system: 44
Average installed packages: 260
Most packages installed on a system: 733


Forum Highlights

  1. I started a thread stating some of my suggestions for fixing INCOMING. There have been many replies and I'm still waiting for a developer response. Feel free to comment here:
  2. Archlinux Italia, a new community for ArchLinux users who feel more comfortable conversing in Italian has been created. If you'd like to get help in Italian, visit

TUR Mailing List

We worked this week on cleaning up INCOMING some more. Although a new system still has to be created and implemented, we're trying to manage INCOMING a little better. We are finding many duplicate packages and packages already in repositories. Please check Extra, Current, Unstable, Staging, and Incoming before submitting a package. If you upload a broken package, please alert the maintainers by sending an email to the TUR Mailing List.


Package Highlights

  1. KDE 3.2.2 was released and packaged this week. This is a bugfix release. Read the complete announcement here:

New Packages

arts 1.2.2-1
centericq 4.9.12-1
libgcrypt 1.1.94-1
perl-dbi 1.40-1
timedate 1.16-2
uri 1.30-1
libwww-perl 5.76-1
net-dns 0.46-1
net-ssleay 1.25-2
html-parser 3.35-1
html-tagset 3.03-2
io-socket-ssl 0.95-2
digest-hmac 1.01-2
digest-nilsimsa 0.06-2
perltk 804.025-3
spamassassin 2.63-4
digest-sha1 2.07-1
arson 0.9.7-2
clamav 0.70-1
openssh 3.8.1p1-1
amarok 1.0beta2-1
gaim 0.77-1t2
perlxml 2.34-3t1
perl 5.8.4-1t1
gcc 3.4.0-1t3
imagemagick 6.0.0-3t1
ghex 2.5.2-1
pure-ftpd 1.0.18-1
manedit 0.5.11-1
lvm2 2.00.15-1
openldap 2.1.30-1
device-mapper 1.00.17-1
liferea 0.4.7c-1
xtermcontrol 2.4-1
hotplug 2004_03_29-1
kdevelop 3.0.3-1
libcroco 0.5.1-1
libxslt 1.1.6-1
libxml2 2.6.9-1
atk 1.6.1-1
fakeroot 0.9.0-2t1
groff 1.19-2t1
mysql 4.0.18-3t1
netkit-telnet 0.17-5t1
cssed 0.2.0-1
quanta 3.2.2-1
gnuplot 4.0.0-1
xine-lib 1rc3c-2
gift-fasttrack 0.8.6-1t1
subversion 1.0.2-1t1
kernel26-scsi 2.6.5-2
kdeaccessibility 3.2.2-1
kdeutils 3.2.2-1
kdepim 3.2.2-1
kdesdk 3.2.2-1
kdetoys 3.2.2-1
kdelibs 3.2.2-1
kdemultimedia 3.2.2-1
kdenetwork 3.2.2-1
kdeedu 3.2.2-1
kdegames 3.2.2-1
kdegraphics 3.2.2-1
kdebase 3.2.2-1
kdebindings 3.2.2-1
kdeaddons 3.2.2-1
kdeadmin 3.2.2-1
kdeartwork 3.2.2-1
libwnck 2.6.1-1
grip 3.1.9-1
openbox 3.2-1


muine 0.5.2-s1
briquolo 0.4.2-1
tutris 1.0.1-s1
cdw 0.2.2-s1
chromium 0.9.12-1
workrave 1.4.1-s1
fftw3 3.0.1-1
cln 1.1.6-1
gxine 0.3.3-s1
gksu 1.0.3-s1
gmencoder 0.1.0-s1
aspell-fr 0.50.1-1
cmf 1.4.2-s1
gnotime 2.1.7-s1
hexedit 1.2.9-s1
gp 0.26-1
gtk-smooth-engine 0.5.6-s1
windowlab 1.23-s1
gtkglext 1.0.5-s1
gtkglextmm 1.0.1-s1
libgnomecups 0.1.6-2
hwd 1.6-2
ion-devel 20030814-1
gocr 0.39-s1
kbarcode 1.6.1-s1
ksambaplugin 0.5b2-1
labplot 1.2.2-1
libchipcard 0.9.1-1
plone 2.0-s1
libksba 0.4.7-1
ether-wake 1.09-1
gxmame 0.34b-1
libofx 0.6.4-1
putty 0.54-s2
fluxter 0.1.0-1
catdoc 0.93.3-1
loudmouth 0.15.1-s1
lwm 1.2.0-1
mage 6.30.030607-1
materm 0.1-1
mlview 0.6.2-1
monopd 0.9.0-s1
mp3burn 0.3.1-1
pwgen 2.03-1
panorama-tools 2.6bml12-s1
parse-yapp 1.05-1
kshutdown 0.1.6-s1
pixieplus 0.5.4-1
potrace 1.2-1
potracegui 0.3-s1
prekin 6.30.030607-1
prizm 0.2-s1
pychecker 0.8.13-s1
pygtkglext 1.0.1-s1
scribus-devel 1.1.5-s1
scribus-docs 1.0.1-s1
seahorse 0.7.3-2
shaaft 0.5.0-1
smb4k 0.3.1-1
supertux 0.0.6-s1
giftui 0.4.0-s1
spe 0.4.2c-s1
gifsicle 1.40-1
tse3 0.2.7-1
ttf-cheapskate 0.1-2
universalkopete 0.1-1
klogic 1.6-s1
xfce4-fsguard-plugin 0.2.0-s1
xfce4-xmms-plugin 0.1.1-s1
xml-dom 1.43-1
xml-regexp 0.03-1
xml-xql 0.68-1
logjam 4.4.0-s2
xtermset 0.5.1-s1
xv 3.10a-1
xymms 0.9.1-s1
sip 3.10.1-s1
qscintilla 1.2-s1
tnftp 20030825-1
imms 1.1-s1
adns-python 1.0.0-1
straw 0.22.1-1
htmldoc 1.8.23-1
si3d 1.2-1
xfree86-freefonts-fonts 0.10-1
pil 1.1.4-s1
esmtp 0.5.0-1
gkrellm_amiconnected 0.6-1
gkrellmseti 0.7.0b-1
meld 0.9.1-1
msmtp 0.7.1-1
nautilus_thumbnailers 0.0.3-1
ne 1.20-1
njam 1.00-1
digikam 0.6-s1
dosemu 1.2.1-s1
xfig 3.2.4-1
yabasic 2.743-1
tuxpuck 0.8.2-1
pyxml 0.8.3-s1
skencil 0.6.16-s1
bfilter 0.9.3-1
opera 723-2
wtf 0.0.4-s1
amule 1.2.6-s2
jack-audio-connection-kit 0.91.1-2
xfce4-menueditor 1.05-s1
gtk-sharp 0.18-s1
fbpager 0.1.4-s1
mpd 0.10.3-s1
bittorrent-theshadow 5.8.11-1
py-libmpdclient 0.10.0-s1
xgalaga++ 0.7-s1
cups-pdf 1.4.2a-s1
3ddesktop 0.2.5-s1
sim 0.9.3-1
ntfsprogs 1.9.1-1
kdetv 0.8.0-1
kradio 0.3.0-1
pstoedit 3.33-1
qtparted 0.4.3-1
synaptics 0.12.5-1
qalculate 0.5.1-s1
soundtracker 0.6.7-s1
tla 1.2-s1
pycrypto 1.9a6-s1
emelfm2 0.0.7-s2
sylpheed-gtk2 0.9.9-s2
gnome-cups-manager 0.17-2
lyx-qt 1.3.4-s1


FAQ of the Week

Q: I just installed XFCE4, how do I start it?

A: You can start it by running ``startxfce4'', or by adding these entries to your /.xinitrc:
xfwm4 -daemon
xftaskbar4 &
xfdesktop &
exec xfce4-panel


Bugs Closed This Week

827. installer: network configuration
800. Hotplug
814. gcc-compat problem
824. Front page assumes visitor knows what Arch is
823. device-mapper has moved
819. Openoffice localized
803. can't compile any gtk app
789. ehci-hcd isn't compiled to the kernel
802. BloGTK binary doesn't launch from gnome menu
794. Totem woes
796. I would like a more modern/error-free package creation tool
809. man errors after gcc 3.4 testing upgrade
788. xf86config is buggy on arch 0.6
798. Poor -Current package testing, please be more serious about it
628. beaver can't be downloaded
770. dosbox-0.61 doesn't download
805. Can't upgrade today
785. xine-lib 1.0rc3c is in fact 1.0rc3b
768. Remove 3 files from subversion package
791. V4L permision devfs probs
792. Volume doesn't work on Gnome if you don't load OSS
786. kdelibs depening og wrong arts version
606. kdm - kdmrc is overwritten after kdebase update
784. Free AudioGalaxy Satellite Should Be Removed
778. Xfree 4.4 focus trouble
764. mozilla-firefox pkg doesn't like themes
604. ttmkfdir2 build errors

Bugs Opened This Week

829. stegdetect build error
828. kde-i18n problem
826 . dctc missing
825. ghex bug
822. aria missing
821. kdevelop needs db <= 4.1 to have a working codecompeltion
820. Nvidia Driver and kernel module suggestion
818. gnome 2.6 theme manager bugs
817. kernel config
816. default docs have a very large font in opera
815. Control symbols misbehave when logging in remotely
813. add bootsplash support to initscripts
812. Nautilus crashes after gcc 3.4 t1 upgrade
811. highest version instead of first occurrence
810. BlueZ for Linux
808. kdesu has a typo [kdelibs needs patching]
807. Please add gnome-netstatus package to gnome-extra group
806. Pinball game is hardcoded and doesn't load
804. Gnome-Help system has a gtk bug
801. pacman deleting files that other packages depend on?
799. Planner broke my gnome
797. interoperability is broken
795. perlXML and irrsi package problems
793. GStreamer-based apps don't work
790. Gnome 2.6 is completely hosed
787. pacman segfaults when gethostbyname fails
783. makepkg patch to source $PKGDEST from /etc/makepkg.conf and fail if it doesn't exist
782. eog package description lacks ``Eye of Gnome''


That's it for this week, stay tuned for more exciting Arch Linux news.

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