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Arch Linux Weekly Newsletter

Jason Chu and Ben Mazer


Welcome to the Arch Linux Newsletter. This attempts to give you an ``at a glance'' look at the world of Arch Linux.


  1. As the title says, gnome 2.6 is in the house. There isn't much to watch out for, Arjan and JGC did a good job catching conflicts in the testing stage so the install should go flawlessly.

    To upgrade: pacman -Syu
    To install: pacman -Sy gnome

    Some GTK2.x related packages were also upgraded to suit the requirements of gnome 2.6.

This Week in Dev Land

  1. There was a brief discussion about makedepends: which ones should be considered for inclusion. The consensus was that things that makepkg does (like uncompressing, especially with unzip) and base packages do not need to be part of makedepends. Anything that's needed by the build function, that are not in base, should be a makedepends.
  2. Tobias is back, with a hurt arm (but he can still type!), and Aurelien is on vacation now.
  3. I have split wlan-ng into wlan-ng24 and wlan-ng26. They will both stay up to date as new kernels come out.

ArchStats Updates

To participate, visit

Earliest record Arch release: Arch Linux 0.4 (Dragon)
Number of registered systems: 339
Date first system was registered: 20031017
Most recent update occurred: 20040404
Longest recorded uptime: 175 days, 22 hours, 51 minutes, 55 seconds
Average uptime: 4 days, 6 hours, 43 minutes, 9 seconds
Least packages installed on a system: 44
Average installed packages: 256
Most packages installed on a system: 563


Forum Highlights

  1. Cmf has been working on a KDE frontend to pacman. He recently released version 0.2. Help to test it out in this thread:

  2. Many threads were started on the GNOME 2.6 update. There are a few issues that seem to be plaguing Arch users. If you're having a problem with missing icons or gnome-settings-daemon/gnome-session, please search the forum for existing discussions.

Mailing List Highlights

  1. Patrick Polzer has volunteered to maintain the i586 port of Archlinux. He's experienced, and seems enthusiastic. If you would like to help or give your input on the i586 port, participate in this thread:

TUR Mailing List

Nothing exciting has been happening on the TUR front. Packages are being tested as normal. We are receiving very few bug reports on the packages in STAGING though. Please help us test these out, and if you have a problem, send an email to the TUR-mailing-list.


Package Highlights

  1. As the news post said, GNOME 2.6 is out. There are a few errors when updating. It seems that the safest way to update is to remove GNOME (pacman -R gnome), install gconf (pacman -S gconf), then to install the rest of gnome (pacman -S gnome).

  2. Pacman 2.7.6 is out, wtih a few bugfixes. From the changelog:
    1. added -print-uris option
    2. fixed an http download bug (bug #667)
    3. fixed a segfault related to replaces/conflicts handling

New Packages

libtool 1.5.4-1
pacman 2.7.6-1
abiword 2.0.6-1
parted 1.6.9-1
wvstreams 3.75.0-1
wlan-ng24 0.2.0-1
wlan-ng26 0.2.1pre20-1
amaya 8.3-1
gftp 2.0.17-1
gaim 0.76-1
gtk-xfce-engine 2.1.9-2
gnome-session 2.6.0-2
gconf 2.6.0-2
libggz 0.0.8-1
allegro 4.1.13-1
crimson 0.4.1-1
gpdf 0.131-1
gnome-themes 2.6.0-2
quick-lounge-applet 2.1.1-1
gnumeric 1.2.8-1
bomberclone 0.11.2-1
motion 3.1.10-2
gcalctool 4.3.51-1
ooodi2 0.67-1
gthumb 2.2.1-2
plib 1.8.2-1
pygtk 2.2.0-1
numeric 23.1-1
libsndfile 1.0.9-1
libgsf 1.8.2-4
gsl 1.4-1
gnome-pilot 2.0.10-2
startup-notification 0.6-1
librsvg 2.6.4-3
lftp 3.0.0-1
gtk-engines 2.2.0-3
pcre 4.5-1
hicolor-icon-theme 0.4-1
shared-mime-info 0.13-1
gst-ffmpeg 0.8.0-1
libxklavier 1.00-1
zenity 2.6.0-1
gnopernicus 0.8.1-1
gok 0.10.0-1
gnome-keyring 0.2.0-1
gnome-mag 0.10.10-1
epiphany-extensions 0.8.1-1
gnome-audio 2.0.0-1
rhythmbox 0.6.10-1
yelp 2.6.0-1
orbit2 2.10.0-1
nautilus-cd-burner 2.6.0-1
metacity 2.8.0-1
nautilus 2.6.0-1
libgnomeui 2.6.0-1
libgtkhtml 2.6.0-1
libgnomeprint 2.6.0-1
libgnomeprintui 2.6.0-1
libgnomecanvas 2.6.0-1
libbonoboui 2.6.0-1
libgnome 2.6.0-1
gnome-vfs 2.6.0-1
libbonobo 2.6.0-1
gnome-themes-extras 0.6-6
gnome-utils 2.6.0-1
gnome-system-monitor 2.6.0-1
gnome-terminal 2.6.0-1
gnome-mime-data 2.4.1-3
gnome-panel 2.6.0-1
gnome-icon-theme 1.2.0-1
gnome-media 2.6.0-1
gnome-applets 2.6.0-1
magicdev 1.1.6-3
gucharmap 1.4.1-1
gtksourceview 1.0.0-1
eog 2.6.0-1
file-roller 2.6.0-1
gedit 2.6.0-1
gst-plugins 0.8.0-1
nautilus-media 0.8.0-1
epiphany 1.2.2-1
at-spi 1.4.0-1
bug-buddy 2.6.0-1
eel 2.6.0-1
gail 1.6.0-1
gconf-editor 2.6.0-1
ggv 2.6.0-1
gstreamer 0.8.0-1
xlockmore 5.11.1-1
exim 4.31-1
procps 3.2.1-1
openvpn 1.5.0-4
gdbm 1.8.3-2
php 4.3.5-1
flashplugin 6.0r81-2


logjam 4.3.2-s4
briquolo 0.4.2-1
tutris 1.0.1-s1
cdw 0.2.2-s1
chromium 0.9.12-1
cups-pdf 1.4.1-s1
fftw3 3.0.1-1
cln 1.1.6-1
giftui 0.3.1-1
gksu 1.0.3-s1
gmencoder 0.1.0-s1
aspell-fr 0.50.1-1
gnome-cups-manager 0.17-1
gnotime 2.1.7-s1
hexedit 1.2.9-s1
gp 0.26-1
gtk-smooth-engine 0.5.6-s1
windowlab 1.23-s1
gtkglext 1.0.5-s1
gtkglextmm 1.0.1-s1
sylpheed-gtk2 0.9.9-s1
hwd 1.6-2
ion-devel 20030814-1
gocr 0.39-s1
kbarcode 1.6.1-s1
ksambaplugin 0.5b2-1
labplot 1.2.2-1
libchipcard 0.9.1-1
libgnomecups 0.1.6-1
libksba 0.4.7-1
ether-wake 1.09-1
gxmame 0.34b-1
libofx 0.6.4-1
putty 0.54-s2
fluxter 0.1.0-1
catdoc 0.93.3-1
loudmouth 0.15.1-s1
lwm 1.2.0-1
mage 6.30.030607-1
materm 0.1-1
mlview 0.6.2-1
monopd 0.9.0-s1
mp3burn 0.3.1-1
ms-sys 1.1.1-1
panorama-tools 2.6bml12-s1
parse-yapp 1.05-1
kshutdown 0.1.6-s1
pixieplus 0.5.4-1
potrace 1.2-1
potracegui 0.3-s1
prekin 6.30.030607-1
prizm 0.2-s1
pychecker 0.8.13-s1
pygtkglext 1.0.1-s1
scribus-devel 1.1.5-s1
scribus-docs 1.0.1-s1
seahorse 0.7.3-2
shaaft 0.5.0-1
smb4k 0.3.1-1
smclone 0.55-1
spe 0.4.2c-s1
gifsicle 1.40-1
tla 1.1-2
tse3 0.2.7-1
ttf-cheapskate 0.1-2
universalkopete 0.1-1
klogic 1.6-s1
xfce4-fsguard-plugin 0.2.0-s1
xfce4-xmms-plugin 0.1.1-s1
xml-dom 1.43-1
xml-regexp 0.03-1
xml-xql 0.68-1
xpenguins_themes 1.0-1
xtermset 0.5.1-s1
xv 3.10a-1
xymms 0.9.1-s1
sip 3.10.1-s1
qscintilla 1.2-s1
tnftp 20030825-1
adns-python 1.0.0-1
straw 0.22.1-1
htmldoc 1.8.23-1
si3d 1.2-1
xfree86-freefonts-fonts 0.10-1
pil 1.1.4-s1
esmtp 0.5.0-1
gkrellm_amiconnected 0.6-1
gkrellmseti 0.7.0b-1
meld 0.9.1-1
msmtp 0.7.1-1
nautilus_thumbnailers 0.0.3-1
ne 1.20-1
njam 1.00-1
digikam 0.6-s1
qalculate 0.3.1-1
xfig 3.2.4-1
yabasic 2.743-1
gossip 0.7.4-1
pyxml 0.8.3-s1
skencil 0.6.16-s1
bfilter 0.9.3-1
opera 723-2
wtf 0.0.4-s1
amule 1.2.6-s2
jack-audio-connection-kit 0.91.1-2
xfce4-menueditor 1.05-s1
gtk-sharp 0.18-s1
fbpager 0.1.4-s1
mpd 0.10.3-s1
bittorrent-theshadow 5.8.11-1
py-libmpdclient 0.10.0-s1
muine 0.5.1-s1


FAQ of the Week


Bugs Closed This Week

684. Rhythmbox crashes when playing music.
675. Openoffice 1.1.1-a2 No Security question on exit
667. Only first of multiple HTTP downloads from a repository succeed
647. ooodi2 needs to be rebuilt against openssl 0.9.7
572. libsndfile unable to be downloaded
632. gthumb needs to be upgraded for openssl 0.9.7
560. bomberclone needs sdl
555. numeric needs glibc as dependency
672. missing dependency in Gtk2-perl
656. gnome-pilot - another openssl dependent pkg
662. gnumeric 1.2.5-1 needs to be rebuilt for openssl 0.9.7
537. JFS mounted read only after crash
673. Pacman: replaces=() is not honored for 'pacman -U' updates
625. ggv cannot start - requires wrong libssl version
536. gnome terminal missing dependency
633. gtkhtml needs indent to compile
448. gnome-audio missing from GNOME packages
617. gnome-applets depends on libgtop pkg
456. Gnome related/dependant packages wont compile without gnome-common
455. gdm fails to run due to libglade
671. ftp perms
561. gdk-pixbuf dependencies
635. acroread bin/bin permissions
666. add acroread plugin symlink
592. librsvg not working
669. mplayer not updated automatically
491. Auto-Notify Bug-Opener
660. JPilot references openssl 0.9.6 and needs to be rebuilt
664. Missing dependencies for alsaconf
659. Booting reiserfs cannot be checked missing symlink
658. Compiled kernel 2.6.x does not have the /drivers/md/ modules compiled in
657. Getting kernel source 2.6.x cannot work.

Bugs Opened This Week

689. ./configure options for mplayer
688. wvdial needs rebuild
687. Missing dependency on MLView
686. gnome-panel packaging bugs
685. gnome applications do not recognize flac files with default gnome-vfs and shared-mime-info packages
683. exim conflicts with postfix
682. Subversion doesn't include the hook scripts
681. anjuta-1.2.1-2 is using openssl 0.9.6 still
680. amaya 8.3-1 doesn't start
679. package errors in gtodo-0.14 package
678. amarok needs rebuild because of new gstreamer
677. Compile the tcl package with threads enabled by default
676. namcap: url + md5 checks in .pkg.tar.gz
674. Openoffice not in gnome menus
670. filesystem's upgrade modifies /etc/skel
668. enable kde start new sessions for kdm
665. installer bug in mirror selection
663. Perl not compiled with useithreads support
661. totem 0.99.9-1 needs to be rebuilt for openssl 0.9.7


That's it for this week, stay tuned for more exciting Arch Linux news.

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