Group Details - sugar-fructose (x86_64)

13 packages found.

Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
any Community sugar-activity-browse 203.1-1 Sugar activity to browse the internet 2019-03-09
any Community sugar-activity-calculate 45-1 Graphing calculator for Sugar 2019-03-09
any Community sugar-activity-chat 85-1 Sugar activity for text chatting 2019-03-09
any Community sugar-activity-clock 21-1 Clock for Sugar 2019-03-09
any Community sugar-activity-imageviewer 1:64-1 Image viewer for Sugar 2019-08-30
any Community sugar-activity-jukebox 34-1 Media player for Sugar 2018-12-11
any Community sugar-activity-log 40-1 Sugar activity to view system log files 2019-08-29
any Community sugar-activity-paint 68-1 Sugar activity to create paintings or drawings 2018-12-11
any Community sugar-activity-pippy 72-1 Sugar activity to learn and develop in Python programming language 2018-09-10 2020-01-01
any Community sugar-activity-read 122-1 Sugar activity to read books 2019-03-09
any Community sugar-activity-terminal 46-1 Terminal emulator for Sugar 2019-03-15
any Community sugar-activity-turtleart 218-1 Logo-inspired graphical turtle for Sugar 2019-03-11
any Community sugar-activity-write 100-1 Sugar activity to edit texts 2019-03-09