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You've reached the website for Arch Linux, a lightweight and flexible Linux® distribution that tries to Keep It Simple.

Currently we have official packages optimized for the x86-64 architecture. We complement our official package sets with a community-operated package repository that grows in size and quality each and every day.

Our strong community is diverse and helpful, and we pride ourselves on the range of skillsets and uses for Arch that stem from it. Please check out our forums and mailing lists to get your feet wet. Also glance through our wiki if you want to learn more about Arch.

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Latest News

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ghostpcl>=9.53.2-2 and ghostxps>=9.53.2-2 updates require manual intervention


The ghostpcl and ghostxps packages prior to version 9.53.2-2 were missing a soname link each. This has been fixed in 9.53.2-2, so the upgrade will need to overwrite the untracked files created by ldconfig. If you get any of these errors

ghostpcl: /usr/lib/libgpcl6.so.9 exists in filesystem
ghostxps: /usr/lib/libgxps.so.9 exists in filesystem

when updating, use

pacman -Syu --overwrite /usr/lib/libgpcl6.so.9,/usr/lib/libgxps.so.9

to perform the upgrade.

Arch Conf 2020 schedule


On the 10th and 11th of October there is going to be an online edition of Arch Conf. The conference is going to have presentations from the Arch team along with community submitted presentations and lightning talks.

We are proud to announce the first revision of the schedule!


The conference timezone is CEST/UTC+2: https://everytimezone.com/s/40cc4784

Updates and additional information can be found on the conference page: https://conf.archlinux.org

See you there!

Cheers from the conference team.

Kill Arch Bugs: Help us on the 13th of September!


We would like to hold a bug wrangling day on the 13th of September to reduce the large amount of open tickets. If you cannot take part in the bug wrangling day, then feel free to help us any time before that event.


Please review all bugs that were reported by you and check if they are still valid. Please request a task closure on the bug tracker if the task may be closed. Otherwise please provide further information so that we can continue to work on the bug. We cannot fix bugs without your feedback.


Join us …

AUR Migration: New SSH HostKeys


Due to the fact that the AUR has been migrated to a new server, the SSH HostKeys used to connect to the host have changed. These are the new keys fingerprints:

Ed25519: SHA256:RFzBCUItH9LZS0cKB5UE6ceAYhBD5C8GeOBip8Z11+4
ECDSA: SHA256:uTa/0PndEgPZTf76e1DFqXKJEXKsn7m9ivhLQtzGOCI
RSA: SHA256:5s5cIyReIfNNVGRFdDbe3hdYiI5OelHGpw2rOUud3Q8

The fingerprints above can also be found on the AUR home page when not logged in.

zn_poly 0.9.2-2 update requires manual intervention


The zn_poly package prior to version 0.9.2-2 was missing a soname link. This has been fixed in 0.9.2-2, so the upgrade will need to overwrite the untracked files created by ldconfig. If you get an error

zn_poly: /usr/lib/libzn_poly-0.9.so  exists in filesystem

when updating, use

pacman -Syu --overwrite usr/lib/libzn_poly-0.9.so

to perform the upgrade.

Older News

nss>=3.51.1-1 and lib32-nss>=3.51.1-1 updates require manual intervention
hplip 3.20.3-2 update requires manual intervention
firewalld>=0.8.1-2 update requires manual intervention
The Future of the Arch Linux Project Leader
Planet Arch Linux migration
sshd needs restarting after upgrading to openssh-8.2p1
rsync compatibility
Now using Zstandard instead of xz for package compression
Xorg cleanup requires manual intervention
primus_vk>=1.3-1 update requires manual intervention

Recent Updates (more)

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fastd 21-1 x86_64
qbittorrent 4.3.0-1 x86_64
python-xtarfile 0.0.4-1 any
croc 8.5.2-1 x86_64
rust-analyzer 20201019-1 x86_64
qt6-wayland 6.0.0beta1-1 x86_64
qt6-tools 6.0.0beta1-1 x86_64
qt6-svg 6.0.0beta1-1 x86_64
qt6-shadertools 6.0.0beta1-1 x86_64
qt6-quicktimeline 6.0.0beta1-1 x86_64
qt6-quickcontrols2 6.0.0beta1-1 x86_64
qt6-quick3d 6.0.0beta1-1 x86_64
qt6-declarative 6.0.0beta1-1 x86_64
qt6-base 6.0.0beta1-1 x86_64
qt6-5compat 6.0.0beta1-1 x86_64